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  • Improve spec coverage for Thor::Runner

0.12, released 2009-11-06

  • #7

    Do not force white color on status

  • #8

    Yield a block with the filename on directory

0.11, released 2009-07-01

  • Added a rake compatibility layer. It allows you to use spec and rdoc tasks on Thor classes.

  • BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE: aliases are not generated automatically anymore since it wrong behavior to the invocation system.

  • thor help now show information about any class/task. All those calls are possible:

    thor help describe
    thor help describe:amazing

    Or even with default namespaces:

    thor help :spec
  • Thor::Runner now invokes the default task if none is supplied:

    thor describe # invokes the default task, usually help
  • Thor::Runner now works with mappings:

    thor describe -h
  • Added some documentation and code refactoring.

0.9.8, released 2008-10-20

  • Fixed some tiny issues that were introduced lately.

0.9.7, released 2008-10-13

  • Setting global method options on the initialize method works as expected: All other tasks will accept these global options in addition to their own.

  • Added 'group' notion to Thor task sets (class Thor); by default all tasks are in the 'standard' group. Running 'thor -T' will only show the standard tasks - adding –all will show all tasks. You can also filter on a specific group using the –group option: thor -T –group advanced

0.9.6, released 2008-09-13

  • Generic improvements

0.9.5, released 2008-08-27

  • Improve Windows compatibility

  • Update (incorrect) README and task.thor sample file

  • Options hash is now frozen (once returned)

  • Allow magic predicates on options object. For instance: `options.force?`

  • Add support for :numeric type

  • BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE: Refactor Thor::Options. You cannot access shorthand forms in options hash anymore (for instance, options)

  • Allow specifying optional args with default values: method_options(:user => “mislav”)

  • Don't write options for nil or false values. This allows, for example, turning color off when running specs.

  • Exit with the status of the spec command to help CI stuff out some.

0.9.4, released 2008-08-13

  • Try to add Windows compatibility.

  • BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE: options hash is now accessed as a property in your class and is not passed as last argument anymore

  • Allow options at the beginning of the argument list as well as the end.

  • Make options available with symbol keys in addition to string keys.

  • Allow true to be passed to Thor#method_options to denote a boolean option.

  • If loading a thor file fails, don't give up, just print a warning and keep going.

  • Make sure that we re-raise errors if they happened further down the pipe than we care about.

  • Only delete the old file on updating when the installation of the new one is a success

  • Make it Ruby 1.8.5 compatible.

  • Don't raise an error if a boolean switch is defined multiple times.

  • Thor::Options now doesn't parse through things that look like options but aren't.

  • Add URI detection to install task, and make sure we don't append “.thor” to URIs

  • Add rake2thor to the gem binfiles.

  • Make sure local Thorfiles override system-wide ones.