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Example project for dynamic webaudio music with hot-reloaded modules
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Example project for real-time dynamic webaudio music.

This is a baseline project demonstrating my setup for working with real-time procedural music in Web Audio. The main feature is that the musical logic is isolated into small modules that are hot-reloadable, so one can hack on the algorithms in realtime while the music plays.

Live demo ← what it sounds like out of the box.


This project is meant to be forked and modified, not used as a dependency.

# (clone the repo)
cd webaudio-music
npm install
npm start

Now view the demo at localhost:8080 or thereabouts, and start hacking.


The key moving parts are:

  • src/index: basic audio engine - does scheduling (bpm, look-ahead, etc), and manages an audio chain (master volume and compressor)
  • demo/lib/*: rigging to manage audio nodes, hot-reloading, etc.
  • demo/song/*: song modules that decide what notes to play

The song modules are the bits that get hot-reloaded, so they can be hacked on in realtime as the music plays.

Made with 🍺 by Andy Hall.

License is ISC.

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