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Ansible roles used for SDN Development Environments
Shell Vim script
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This is a collection of ansible roles and a playbook that sets them up and starts.

Getting Started

  1. Clone this repo.
  2. vagrant up / vagrant ssh
  3. Start mininet!
  4. Hack away!


There are a couple of options to customize the roles included in this repository.

  • Uncomment the x11 forwarding line in Vagrantfile to use xterm and mininet
  • Uncomment the file sharing line in Vagrantfile to sync folders between your local machine and the VM
  • Specifying versions of OVS/Mininet/Ryu can be done in the Vagrantfile or via Ansible extra args.
  • mininet installation and startup arguments can be passed as Ansible variables as well. This is done in sdn.yaml

Known Issues

  1. Some environments do not allow outbound SSH connections. Unfortunately, the mininet installer reaches out to some sources in this manner. It's recommended to set up your VMs in a trusted environment.
  2. The playbooks are not idempotent. Rerunning vagrant provision can cause problems. It's recommended to vagrant destroy -f and vagrant up
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