This gem will generate a random name for your server, much in the way Heroku does.
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What is this?

This gem will generate a random name for your server, much in the way Heroku does.


To install the gem, run the command: gem install frosty_meadow

Alternatively you can add the following to your Gemfile:

gem "frosty_meadow"

and then run bundle install

How do I use it?

It's simple really!

require 'frosty_meadow'

FrostyMeadow.generate #=> sparkling frost

You can specify a custom separator easily:

FrostyMeadow.generate(:separator => '-') #=> frosty-meadow

Custom adjectives/nouns may also be used:

FrostyMeadow.generate(:adjectives => ["beautiful", "amazing", "awesome"], :nouns => ["world", "earth", "globe"]) #=> amazing world

If you are using this to generate server names similar to how heroku does it, then the generate_hex_name method will provide you with one formatted similarly:

FrostyMeadow.generate_hex_name #=> billowing-snowflake-41aa3

You can generate a hex string like the example above (41aa3 in this case) by using (the first argument will be the length of the string required which defaults to 5):

FrostyMeadow::Hex.generate 	   #=> fa391
FrostyMeadow::Hex.generate(25) #=> 7c145ff861ad26a55e3ad83c1


There is a very basic caching method in place now that will stop FrostyMeadow reading from data/words.json every single time. If for whatever reason you need to skip the check for this cache and reload the file, you can pass :skip_cache as true into the params for .generate

Loading Words From External Files

Using the parameters to use a custom word list may be fine for small or dynamic purposes, but sometimes you may need to load from an external file. To do so, just pass :from_file as a parameter with the path of a valid JSON file in the following format:


For example, presuming the above JSON was in a file called something like data/my_custom_word_list.json the following would work:

FrostyMeadow.generate(:from_file => 'data/my_custom_word_list.json') #=> amazing world
FrostyMeadow.generate_hex_name(:from_file => 'data/my_custom_word_list.json') #=> awesome-globe-57c6d5


* Andy Hamilton (@andyhmltn) (Repo Owner)
* Scott Simms (@scottmsims) (#12)

Pull requests

Pull requests are more than welcome. To test, just use rspec: bundle exec rspec. If you end up submitting a request, please increment the gem version by editing the 'VERSION' module in lib/frosty_meadow.rb


Credit to this great gist for the idea: