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v15 is now available for download, containing some new features, bug fixes, updated translations and more. v14 was a small bugfix release, so changes are from v13->v15.

Overview of Changes since v13

  • The GNOME Shell UI has been rewritten to better conform to design guidelines
    Appearance is important to everyone and work will continue to improve usability for touchscreens, HiDPI and users requiring accessibility features. Please see Issue #205 for discussion and users who have helped.
  • Initial support for sending keyboard events from the desktop, fixes #232 reported by @select
  • Most windows should save their size/location, fixes #28 reported by @vredesbyyrd
  • Respect desktop settings for window placement, fixes #280 reported by @rugk
  • Fix legacy SMS receiving, fixes #255 reported by @ouillepouille
  • Fix visibility of plugin settings when enabling/disabling plugins, fixes #258 reported by @RenWal
  • Fix local battery stats switch not usable, fixes #274 reported by @rugk
  • Improve warning UX when missing libcanberra, fixes #276 reported by @smkamranqadri
  • Improvements to PackageKit support, especially for Fedora, fixed #263 reported by @rugk
  • Avoid repetetively re-loading GSConnect wrt to !177 in gnome-shell, fixes #269 reported by @ivandotv
  • Link to Google Play, F-Droid & Sailfish apps in settings, fixes #268 reported by @rugk


Other Notes

There is a particularly bad bug in Fedora 29 packaging affecting some Nautilus users, as first reported by @basilrabi. This is not a bug in GSConnect, but may be triggered by it. Please see #293 for more information.

DSA encryption during SFTP is no longer used as of KDE Connect Android v1.10. Both KDE Connect & GSConnect will already use RSA encryption when available and DSA will be removed in the next release, when we can be sure everyone has upgraded. Please see Issue #267 (opened by @rugk) for more information and #83 (being driven by @wvengen) for how this may improve integration in the near future.

A special thank you to @terencode who has done very thorough testing of the Contacts and SMS history sync. Please be patient, remembering these features are new even in KDE Connect and will require some time to be 100% reliable.

There have been a lot of great bug reports and troubleshooting this cycle, which is hard work we can't do without you, and the addition of @ferdnyc as an official developer has already made a big difference. Apologies if anyone has been forgotten for their contributions, and as always don't forget the KDE Connect team!

For a full list of changes since v13 see here.