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@andyholmes andyholmes released this Mar 17, 2019 · 8 commits to master since this release

v21 is now available for download, containing bug fixes, added features and translation updates.

Overview of Changes since v20

  • Tag support for GNOME Shell 3.32

    There should be no critical errors running in GNOME Shell 3.32, however extensive testing still hasn't been done. Thanks to @jnsh and others for bisecting and reporting several problems early.

  • Add new Photo plugin

    The Photo plugin allows taking a picture with the remote device's camera and receiving the result as a download. This feature is only available in the master branch of the Android app and has not been included in a stable release. Thanks to @nicolasfella from the KDE Connect team for this plugin.

  • Replace GDBusObjectManager with in-house rewrite

    In order to facilitate proper Wayland support a custom DBusObjectManager was implemented avoiding several hangs and bugs related to session startup. The GdkX11 backend (XWayland) is no longer forced with the consequence that Clipboard is no longer supported in Wayland sessions.

  • Remove sshfs support

    sshfs support has been removed in favour of Gvfs.

  • Generate unicode input with composition

    Thanks to work from team member @getzze libcaribou may no longer be required for unicode or modifier support when simulating keyboard input. See #436 for more information.

  • Set public name to hostname on first run

    When GSConnect is run for the first time, the user-visible name will now be the device's hostname instead of "GSConnect". Contributed by @ArtyomZorin.

  • Several CPU and memory usage bugs fixed

    See bugs #330, #394 and #468.

Other Notes

Many translations have had updates this release and Ukrainian has been added; thanks to translators! To have your language added, please request it on Crowdin ( or in the Translators Thread.

As always don't forget to thank the KDE Connect team!

For a full list of changes since v20 see here.

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