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  1. Install GSConnect from the GNOME Shell Extensions website


  2. Install KDE Connect Android from Google Play or F-droid

    Get it on Google PlayGet it on F-Droid

  3. Open the App and tap ⊕ Pair new device in the sidebar

  4. Swipe down to refresh and you should see your device

    GSConnect & KDE Connect Android

  5. Tap on GSConnect and then tap REQUEST PAIRING

  6. Complete the pairing process by clicking Accept in the notification

    Pair Request

If you are having trouble connecting a device, please see the Help page before opening a New Issue.

Install from Zip

  1. Download the Latest Release

    The GNOME Extensions website reviews all submissions and often distributes an older version.

  2. Extract the extension

    mkdir -p ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions
    rm -rf ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/
    unzip -o -d ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/
  3. Restart Gnome Shell

    • X11/Xorg: Alt + F2 then restart
    • Wayland: Log out and log in.

Install from Git

You can build or install from git with Meson:

git clone
meson gnome-shell-extension-gsconnect/ _build
mkdir -p ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions
ninja -C _build install-zip

It can be built for system installation using the default install target:

meson --prefix /usr --libdir lib/ gnome-shell-extension-gsconnect/ _build
ninja -C _build install

Please see the Packaging page if you are interested in packaging GSConnect for a distribution.


This extension does not depend on the KDE Connect desktop application

As of v13 GSConnect requires gnome-shell >= 3.28. Some features require additional software that can be installed using PackageKit, if supported.

  • Remote Filesystems require sshfs to be mounted and accessed. This is required by the SFTP plugin.

    Distribution Required Packages
    Arch sshfs
    Debian/Ubuntu sshfs
    Fedora fuse-sshfs
    Gentoo sshfs
    openSUSE sshfs
  • Sound Effects require libcanberra and GSound can be used if available. This is required by the Find My Phone plugin.

    Distribution Required Packages Optional Packages
    Arch libcanberra gsound
    Debian/Ubuntu gnome-session-canberra gir1.2-gsound-1.0
    Fedora libcanberra-gtk3 gsound
    Gentoo libcanberra gsound
    openSUSE canberra-gtk-play typelib-1_0-GSound
  • Extended Keyboard Support requires Caribou for modifiers (Alt, Ctrl, Super, etc) and Unicode. This is used by the Mousepad plugin when simulating keyboard events locally and sending them to remote devices.

    Distribution Required Packages
    Arch caribou
    Debian/Ubuntu gir1.2-caribou-1.0
    Fedora caribou
    Gentoo caribou
    openSUSE typelib-1_0-Caribou-1_0
  • Desktop Contacts requires Folks to access desktop contacts (Gnome Online Accounts, Evolution, local address book). This can be used by the Telephony and Notifications plugins.

    Distribution Required Packages
    Arch folks
    Debian/Ubuntu libglib2.0-dev, gir1.2-folks-0.6, libfolks-eds25
    Fedora folks
    Gentoo folks
    openSUSE typelib-1_0-FolksEds-0_6
  • Files Integration requires Nautilus Extensions to modify the context menu. This can be used to share files from Nautilus.

    Distribution Required Packages
    Arch python-nautilus
    Debian/Ubuntu python-nautilus, gir1.2-nautilus-3.0
    Fedora python2-nautilus, nautilus-extensions
    Fedora 29+ nautilus-python, nautilus-extensions
    Gentoo nautilus-python
    openSUSE python-nautilus
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