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Extension Preferences


Extension Menu

The main GSConnect options are always found in the GNOME Shell User Menu. This is the menu on the far right of the panel where Session Controls, Wi-Fi, Location and other services are found.

GSConnect User Menu

If no devices are connected, or Display Mode is set to Panel (see below), this menu will be labeled Mobile Devices. It will always contain the main extension controls: The Do Not Disturb switch, and the Mobile Settings option to launch the extension's preferences window.

Display Mode

If set to Panel, each device will be given an indicator with an icon that represents the device type (smartphone, tablet or laptop). Controls for the device will be in popup menu available by clicking on the icon.

Device Indicator Menu

If set to User Menu, the Mobile Devices section of the User Menu will be extended with a text-only version of the same menu for each device.

Device User Menu Entry

Files Integration

If supported, a list of devices that can receive files will be added to the Files (Nautilus) context menu. Clicking on a device will send the currently selected files to that device.

Files Integration

Web Browser Integration

The WebExtension allows you to either open links directly in your device's browser or share with a contact by SMS.


Web Browser Integration

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