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updating readme file ready for tagging new release

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1 parent e467854 commit 2d9a6ca955de3ddf5c4429b87646a2ce17dfc14f @andyjamesdavies committed Apr 11, 2012
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-#JS Touch Layer v0.2.1
+#JS Touch Layer
JS Touch Layer is a javascript framework that abstracts away the decision of what the gesture is. It will decide for you if a tap is a tap, or a swipe is a swipe. Allowing you to bind your functions to these events without any worry.
@@ -11,14 +11,22 @@ ToDo:
- Add gestures: Pinch / Spread
- Test on lots of devices
+- Fixes for drag events.
+- Added unbind functionality.
+- Added grunt.js file.
+- Added twofingerdrag event.
-- Fixed dragging sensitivity
+- Fixed dragging sensitivity.
-- Added mouse event fallback
-- Added minified version
+- Added mouse event fallback.
+- Added minified version.
-- Initial Build of project
+- Initial Build of project.

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