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The general idea of this project is to create a web based tool that will allow users to see number related to images. The idea is that every possible image is represented by some unique number.



We will use Anaconda to manage installing python dependancies.

install anaconda here

# install opencv
conda install -c menpo opencv=2.4.11
# test opencv
python -c "import cv2"

Running the app

npm install
npm install webpack -g
npm start

To run the distribution server

npm run-script dist

File structure


holds all the files and configuration pertaining the front-end.

  • index.js is react's entry point
  • assets/ will hold images and sass files
  • app/ will hold all the components of our app, organization is TBD


will hold all files needed to run the server and image generation.


  • .babelrc config for babel, our jsx & es6 transpiler
  • .editorconfig has suggestions for how we write code. Best practice to connect your editor.
  • .eslintrc.js coding style guide for your editor
  • webpack.config.js builds the project with different configuration for dev & prod
  • package.json holds all our dependancies as well as our top-level scripts
  • webpack.paths.js paths used by webpack.config.js

##Outside the SRC The first file to see is the webpack.config.js. This file deals with packaging the javascript files into one bundle. The next important file is the package.json. This file contains all of the npm packages and other specifications we are using in this project

##Inside the SRC ###static The static folder contains all static files, this would include plain .js files, css files, images and other assets. Please place a file in the correct subfolder in the static folder.

###components This folder is where all of the react components will be stored. On top of this the Layout.js is the base template for all components.

###views Currently there is only index.ejs this is the base template for the entire site. As it is structured now it is a single page website

###Other files Finally there is routes.js that handles the react routing. Server.js that handles the node deployment and routing through express and lastly app-client.js that handles rendering.

Most of this structure came from this tutorial Take a peak if your a little confused how it works.


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