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24x16 led matrix display based clock


Arduino compatible LED panel clock project based on: 
- Sure-Electronics 24x16 green led panel (3mm)
- DS1307 rtc clock
- Atmega328p microcontroller

Clock provide a few modes to you:
1. Time with month name and day of month
2. Big time (digits only)
3. Binary clock
4. Egg Timer (up to 120 minutes)
5. Set up clock (set time, date, day of week, etc)

Part list:
1. Atmega328P-PU microcontroller
2. DS1307 real-time clock
3. Sure Electronics 24x16 3mm green panel (on ht1632c chip)
4. 32.768 kHz crystal
5. 16 MHz crystal
6. 3V battery with holder
7. 2 x 22pf ceramic capacitors
8. 1 x 10k resistor
9. 16-pin IDC PCB header
10. 10-pin IDC PCB header
11. Buzzer
12. 2 x push button switches
13. Rotary encoder (Gray code)
14. A few prototyping boards
15. A lot of hook wires

16. LM7805 power regulator (in case of unregulated power 9V supply)
17. Power connector
18. Power supply (5V regulated or 7-9V unregulated)
19. Plastic case with glass panel
20. A different screws, etc
21. Ribbon cables with connectors

External dependencies:
1. digitalWriteFast library:
2. ht1632c library:
3. RealTimeClockDS1307 library:
4. Button library:
5. Encoder library:

Some of the libraries described above requires some minor patching to be compatible with Arduino 1.0.
Patch is simplest as possible: Change WProgram.h and other incompatibles to Arduino.h.
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