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Automatically skips all skippable youtube adds
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Ad Skipper

What it Does

Automatically skips all skippable youtube ads the instant they appear. Works for ads at the beinging and in the middle of videos as well as the pop-up banner ads. Does not work for ads that have no skip option.

How it Works

This is a chrome extension that runs a content script everytime you load a page thats on YouTube. It uses a background script to listen for movement within the YouTube domain (clicking on another video). When it detects you've started a new video, a function is run that repeatedly tries to define the html element that has the "skip add" click listener. Once it's defined it is clicked with the javascript .click() function.

Mid-video ads and banner adds are detected by a mutation observer that is added to the page whenever a new video is started. This listenes for added or removed child elements in "video-ads" DIV.

How to Install

  1. Click the green "Clone or Download" button
  2. Click "download ZIP"
  3. Unzip the folder and put it anywhere you like
  4. Open a new tab in your Chrome browser and type in "chrome://extensions" in the search bar. Press enter.
  5. In the upper right corner, turn "Developer Mode" on.
  6. Click "load unpacked"
  7. Find the folder you just downloaded/unzipped "youtube_ad_skipper-master" and click "Select Folder"
  8. Turn "Developer Mode" off

*** if you are getting an error that says " Manifest file is missing or unreadable" it's likey because the "youtube_ad_skipper-master" folder has another folder within it (with the same name).If thats the case, make sure you select the folder within the folder.

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