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@@ -6,6 +6,14 @@ Getting Started (With Screw.Unit)
See `spec/suite.html` and the test file `screw_integration_spec.js` for lots of real world usage examples.
+but you will need to include the Smoke files and you can get straight to work using the mock() and spec() methods...
+ foo = {bar: function(attribute){return 'hello'}, baz:'goodbye'};
+ stub(foo, 'baz').and_return('hi!');
+ myMock = mock('test');
+ myMock.should_receive('foo').at_least('once').and_return('hello');
+ expect(foo.baz).to(equal, 'hi!');
Getting Started (Free Standing)
Include the library files in your document...
@@ -26,7 +34,7 @@ Create your mocks...
Create your expectations...
- myMock.should_receive('foo').exactly('once').and_return('bar');
+ myMock.should_receive('foo').exactly(3, 'times').and_return('bar');
Check you expectations...
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