Footnotes plugin for CKEditor
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Footnotes plugin for CKEditor.


CKEditor Addon:

Configuring multiple instances

As of 1.0.5 the plugin accepts a configuration option to allow you to prefix all your footnotes when the editor is instantiated.


CKEDITOR.replace( 'editor1', {
    footnotesPrefix: 'a'
} );

This could be set dynamically to allow you to ensure that all chunks of text can contain unique ID's, allowing you to include multiple chunks of text on any given page with ID clashes.

For example, it should be possible to use a server-side script to set this variable to the id of a database row.

Other configuration

In master, it's now possible to to set configuration for the Footnotes title and the titles elements:


CKEDITOR.replace( 'editor1', {
    footnotesHeaderEls: ['<p><b>', '</b></p>'], // Defaults to ['<h2>', '</h2>']
    footnotesTitle: 'References' // Defaults to 'Footnotes'
} );

Paste From Word

A complimentary plugin that allows automatic conversion from content pasted from word is now available: CKEditorFootnotes-PasteFromWord