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s = <<EOS This proposal is also executable ruby! Run:


It is also a quine!

ruby | ruby | ruby | ...

Beautiful Ruby

Ruby is beautiful. Ruby is Zen. We stride far from jargon and buzzwords, transcend rake and bundler and the latest hot new gem. We go looking for code enlightenment -- We look at examples of beautiful ruby code and meditate on the easy and elegent solutions of hard problems.

We explore quines to open the mind, puzzles to twist it, machine learning to turn it upside down and functional programming paradigms to turn it all the way inside out.

So take a break from requirements, put down your business logic and rekindle your love of the beautiful program.

Andy Kitchen

Andy Kitchen is a rubist, an avid functional programmer and a technologist. In one life he pursues research in computational theory, while in the other developing applications in Ruby. He wants to visit many different languages and philosophies so he can bring their best parts back to ruby.

Speaking History

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x="puts \"s = <<EOS\\n\#{s}EOS\\nx=\#{x.inspect}\\n\#{x}\\n__END__\\n```\""
puts "s = <<EOS\n#{s}EOS\nx=#{x.inspect}\n#{x}\n__END__\n```"
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