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=== Installation ===
OpenTK does not require installation. Simply decompress the archive to a folder of your choice.
=== Usage ===
To use OpenTK, simply add "OpenTK.dll" as a reference to your project. You can find this file under "Binaries/OpenTK".
Additionally, you should add "OpenTK.dll.config" to your project and set it to be copied to your output directory. Without OpenTK.dll.config, your application will not function correctly on Linux or MacOS.
For more details, refer to "".
=== Build instructions ===
If you are using a fresh SVN checkout execute Build.exe to generate OpenTK.sln (simply press enter when prompted).
You can build OpenTK.sln using Visual Studio 2005+, SharpDevelop 2.0+, MonoDevelop 2.0+. Additionally, you can use msbuild 9+ (.Net) or xbuild 2.4.2 (Mono) to build OpenTK.sln from the commandline.
The resulting binaries will be placed into the Binaries/OpenTK/[Release|Debug] folders.