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- Make a release from trunk.
[Short term]
- Move Documentation generation to obj directory.
- Completely clean bin and obj directories on Clean command?
- Automate uploads of nightly builds.
- Modify buildbot to generate zip package from the nsis installer.
- Implement GL3.3 and 4.1.
- Clean up site and example documentation.
- Update contributors list.
[Mid term]
- Clean up warnings.
- Embed Example data into the executable?
- Remove System.Windows.Forms reference from OpenTK.dll.
- Add mouse cursor visibility to NativeWindow.
- Add mouse cursor capture to NativeWindow.
- Add joystick support to Mac OS X.
- Fix GraphicsMode on Mac OS X.
- Implement the new input system.
- Fix external GraphicsContexts.
- Move OpenAL bindings to the generator.
- Remove DllImports/GetDelegateForFunctionPointer in favor of LCG calli instructions.
- Remove #if DEBUG statements in favor of LCG.
- Evaluate IKVM.Reflection for speed improvement.
- Evaluate possibility of separate OpenGL profiles.
[Long term]
- Release gloo.
- Release aloo.
- Release demo.
- Make the example launcher pretty.
- Add nunit tests.
- Clean up the generator.
+ Change all public APIs to conform to the class library interface guidelines.
+ Revisit all classes and make sure IDisposable is correctly implemented.
+ Remove System.Windows.Forms dependency.
+ Improve performance for functions that return StringBuilders.
+ Improve performance for functions that take generic arrays.
+ Fix documentation - parameter mismatches.
+ Improve the API.
+ Implement GL3 support on Mac OS X.
+ Improve API for context sharing (add a sharedContext parameter to the context constructor).
+ Improve the designer interface.
+ Implement joystick support on Mac OS X.
+ Implement GameWindow-independent input drivers.
+ Implement support for multiple mice and keyboards.