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updated README to explain how to use alternate variable files

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## Usage
+### Variable File
Define environment variables in an `.rbenv-vars` file in your project,
one variable per line, in the format `VAR=value`. For example:
@@ -40,6 +42,29 @@ directories of the current directory will be set. Variables from the
Use the `rbenv vars` command to print all environment variables in the
order they'll be set.
+### Alternate Variable File
+It is a good idea to segregate sensitive information like passwords
+and account infomation from your public code repository.
+To help with this, an alternate file can be used with the filename
+`.rbenv-vars-<yourfile>`. The alternate file will be loaded before
+the normal `.rbenv-vars` file.
+For example, your application may require an environment variable with
+a database connect string that contains a password.
+Alternate file: `.rbenv-vars-passwords`
+ DB_PASSWORD=mypassword
+Normal file: `.rbenv-vars`
+ DB_CONNECT_STRING=postgres://dbuser:${DB_PASSWORD}@localhost/my_database
+In this situation, you would include `.rbenv-vars-passwords` in your .gitignore
## License
&copy; 2011 Sam Stephenson. Released under the MIT license. See

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