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haXe binding of OpenFrameworks.


See my blog post haXe for interactivity/creative coding.


See the instruction here.

For API documentation please refer to the original one.

of prefix is removed except ofLog(there is log for math).

I have replaced the event system with HSL. Now you can do events.mouseMoved.bind(function(evt:MouseEventArgs){/*...*/});.

SoundStream requires hxRtAudio and compiling with -DHXCPP_MULTI_THREADED.

Currently it supports C++ target on Windows, Mac, Linux (all 32bit only).

Known issues

  • ofSerial and ofArduino are not yet wrapped. If you need it, tell me or use hxSerial.

How to compile ndll(not required for normal user)

  • Clone this git repo by git clone git://github.com/andyli/hxOpenFrameworks.git
  • cd /path/to/hxOpenFrameworks
  • git submodule init
  • git submodule update. It will clone the openFramework fork to project/openFrameworks.
  • cd project and compile the ndll by haxelib run hxcpp build.xml.

Linux ndll needs libopenFrameworks.a, which can be compiled by:

  • cd project/openFrameworks/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project/linux
  • make