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Andy Mantell

Mobile: 07880 808160

Seasoned web developer with extensive frontend and backend experience across a variety of high profile projects. Equally at home coding, writing specifications or presenting ideas to clients. Always looking to learn, improve and innovate where I can.


  • Expert level frontend development including:
    • HTML5 & CSS3, including responsive techniques for mobile
    • JavaScript (Currently favouring "vanilla" JS with Browserify, but also have extensive jQuery experience)
    • Advanced use of Grunt.js (Including developing custom tasks via Node.js)
    • Expert SASS & LessCSS (Favouring a modular approach to CSS development using SASS partials and BEM naming conventions)
    • Extensive experience creating reusable "style guides" comprising clean & well documented modular frontend code for subsequent use by backend developers.
    • Extensive knowledge various templating languages such as Jinja2, Nunjucks, Handlebars including writing custom helpers / macros
    • Experience using and customising and
    • Good eye for design
  • Version control with Git (Including various branching methodologies)
  • Solid Node.js (Often via express)
  • Solid PHP & MySQL
  • Working knowledge of Python & Flask
  • Increasingly enjoying doing TDD in Node.JS with Mocha, Jasmine, Karma.js
  • Experience writing Gherkin scenarios and corresponding acceptance tests in Capybara
  • Solid working knowledge of modern DevOps practices comprising:
    • Experience working in a continuous integration environment using TravisCI, Jenkins, Atlassian Bamboo
    • Regular user of Vagrant for provisioning local development environments
    • Happy working with prolific branching methodologies in Git such as variants on Gitflow
    • Comfortable writing bash scripts
  • Advanced Drupal 6 & 7 development including:
    • Site building
    • Custom module development (See my profile for contrib examples)
    • Theming
    • Adherence to Drupal coding standards and best practices and use of common modules such as Views, Features, Panels, Drush
    • Experience with Drupal Commerce & Ubercart for building eCommerce sites
  • Good knowledge of XML & XSLT
  • Knowledge of a variety of other platforms including Magento & Wordpress

Recent projects

    (HM Land Registry)
    Frontend development and prototyping for a new Land Registry service on GOV.UK. As part of an effort to promote code re-use a pattern library has been built which can be included in multiple projects in order to supply Land Registry frontend components to the application (

  • Institute of Mechanical Engineers
    (CX Partners)
    Development of a frontend styleguide for a new website launching soon.

  • coop@home
    (CX Partners)
    Development of a frontend styleguide and templates for a new eCommerce site. As part of a large team of frontend developers I was primarily responsible for working on the JavaScript heavy components. A feature branching and pull request style workflow was used to coordinate the team and as well as my development duties I was also responsible for code reviews and general vetting and merging of pull requests.

    (CX Partners)
    Development of a frontend styleguide and backend system for the new cxpartners website. The site is built using the Assemble static site generator fed from a custom Node.JS REST API in front of a Wordpress backend.

  • Brilliant Project (CX Partners)
    Development of a frontend styleguide and templates for a new eCommerce site. A variety of custom jQueryUI widgets were also developed in order to speed integration for the backend developers using the templates. Each piece of the UI such as the basket or a list page filter exposed public methods and published events in order that the backend team merely had to fill in the gaps by making AJAX calls as necessary.

  • XLN (CX Partners)
    Development of frontend styleguide & templates for a new site for XLN Telecom.

  • Holland & Barrett (CX Partners)
    Development of frontend templates for the new Holland & Barrett site.

  • TUI Travelbound (CX Partners)
    Development of a frontend styleguide for use on and sister sites.

  • Jisc (CX Partners)
    Development of a frontend styleguide for integration into a Drupal backend.

  • BSI (CX Partners)
    Development of frontend templates for the BSI site.


(Dec 2009 – Present)

Formoda Ltd
Senior developer
(Dec 2009 - March 2010)

Nameless Media Group
Junior developer
(Nov 2007 - Nov 2009)

Speaking engagements

Organiser of the quarterly PlymouthJS event

Node.JS isn't scary! (An intro to Node.JS and Express)
PlymouthJS - July 2015

Modular and Maintainable frontends
Digpen 7 - September 2014

CSS Preprocessors - Why, How and "Wow!"
Digpen 5 - September 2012


University of Exeter
(Sep 2004 - Jun 2007)
BSc Cognitive Science – 2:1


[1] Github projects

  • patina
    A Node.JS based pattern library generator. Currently work in progress, but it represents a consolidation of how I like to build frontend pattern libraries if left to my own devices! (Naturally as a contractor, I am also an expert at fitting in to your way of working.)
  • conduct.js
    This is a JavaScript plugin for registering media query specific callbacks allowing you to run different bits of code at different viewport resolutions. Written during my time at CX Partners.
    Repository for my new work in progress portfolio site. Custom built using Grunt.js to compile XML down to static HTML using XSLT. This will then be hosted on an Amazon S3 bucket for supremely fast response times. Semi-dynamic content such as Twitter feeds, recent tracks etc will be pulled down nightly in a cron task running on my Raspberry PI before rebuilding the production site. Note: this is an exercise in learning and trying new things, not necessarily a recommended production setup!

[3] Address

48 Fairview Avenue, Plymouth, Devon, PL3 6DR