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#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;
use warnings;
use Getopt::Long;
use LWP::UserAgent;
use File::Basename qw(basename);
use Pod::Usage;
my %opts = ();
GetOptions(\%opts, "help","man","clipboard","private","anonymous","type=s","name=s", "open") or pod2usage(2);
if ($opts{help}) { pod2usage(1);}
if ($opts{man}) { pod2usage(-exitstatus => 0, -verbose => 2);}
my $type = $opts{type};
my $name = $opts{name};
my @files = @ARGV;
my $count = 0;
my %data = ();
# normalize the type if it was supplied
if ($type) {
my %types = ('---'=>' ', 'groff'=>'[1234567]', 'actionscript'=>'as',
'tex'=>'aux', 'batchfile'=>'bat', 'befunge'=>'befunge', 'brainfuck'=>'bf',
'boo'=>'boo', 'clojure'=>'clj', 'c#'=>'cs', 'css'=>'css', 'redcode'=>'cw',
'd'=>'d', 'diff'=>'diff', 'darcs_patch'=>'dpatch', 'dylan'=>'dylan',
'emacs_lisp'=>'el', 'fortran'=>'f', 'c'=>'h', 'c++'=>'hpp', 'erlang'=>'hrl',
'haskell'=>'hs', 'html'=>'htm', 'ini'=>'ini', 'io'=>'io', 'java'=>'java',
'javascript'=>'js', 'java_server_page'=>'jsp', 'genshi'=>'kid',
'logtalk'=>'lgt', 'literate_haskell'=>'lhs', 'common_lisp'=>'lisp',
'llvm'=>'ll', 'lua'=>'lua', 'objective-c'=>'m', 'makefile'=>'mak',
'mako'=>'mao', 'matlab'=>'matlab', 'minid'=>'md', 'ocaml'=>'ml',
'moocode'=>'moo', 'mupad'=>'mu', 'myghty'=>'myt', 'nu'=>'nu', 'numpy'=>'numpy',
'delphi'=>'pas', 'processing'=>'pde', 'php'=>'php', 'html+php'=>'phtml',
'perl'=>'pl', 'gettext_catalog'=>'pot', 'python'=>'py',
'python_traceback'=>'pytb', 'raw_token_data'=>'raw', 'ruby'=>'rb',
'rhtml'=>'rhtml', 'restructuredtext'=>'rst', 'gas'=>'s', 'scheme'=>'scm',
'bash'=>'sh', 'sql'=>'sql', 'smalltalk'=>'st', 'tcl'=>'tcl', 'tcsh'=>'tcsh',
'smarty'=>'tpl', 'plain_text'=>'txt', 'text_only'=>'txt', ''=>'vb',
'viml'=>'vim', 'irc_logs'=>'weechatlog', 'xml'=>'xsl', 'xslt'=>'xsl',
$type = $types{$type} if $types{$type};
$type = ".$type" unless $type =~ m/^\./;
sub gistfile {
my ($name, $ext, $contents) = @_;
$data{"file_ext[gistfile$count]"} = $ext;
$data{"file_name[gistfile$count]"} = $name;
$data{"file_contents[gistfile$count]"} = $contents;
sub slurp {
my $schema = shift;
open(C, $schema) or die "Ubable to open handle $schema: $!\n";
my $text = '';
$text .= $_ for <C>;
close C;
return $text;
sub toclip {
my $schema = shift;
my $content = shift;
open(C, $schema) or die "Ubable to open handle $schema: $!\n";
print C $content;
close C;
sub which {
my $cmd = shift;
if (eval "require File::Which; 1") {
return File::Which::which($cmd);
} else {
return `which $cmd`;
# paste the clipboard
if ($opts{clipboard}) {
if (which("pbpaste")) {
gistfile($name, $type, slurp("pbpaste |"));
} elsif (which("xclip")) {
gistfile($name, $type, slurp("xclip -o |"));
} else {
die "no clipboard functionality found. looked for 'pbpaste' and 'xclip'";
# paste files
foreach my $file (@files) {
gistfile($name ? $name : basename($file), $type, slurp("< $file"));
# if nothing has yet been added, read standard in
if ($count == 0 ) {
my $text = "";
$text .= $_ for <STDIN>;
gistfile($name, $type, $text);
# private paste?
$data{'private'} = 'on' if $opts{private};
# get authentication info, if any
unless ($opts{anonymous}) {
my ($login, $token);
if (eval "require Git; 1") {
$login = Git::config('github.user');
$token = Git::config('github.token');
} elsif(which("git")) {
chomp($login = `git config --global github.user`);
chomp($token = `git config --global github.token`);
if ($login and $token) {
$data{"login"} = $login;
$data{"token"} = $token;
# post away
my $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new( agent => "gistpaste" );
my $res = $ua->post("", \%data);
my $URL = $res->header( 'Location' );
print "$URL\n";
# copy URL to clipboard
if (which("pbcopy")) {
toclip("| pbcopy", $URL);
} elsif (which("xclip")) {
toclip("| xclip", $URL);
if ($opts{open}) {
if (which("open")) {
`open $URL`;
} elsif (which("xdg-open")) {
`xdg-open $URL`;
=head1 NAME
B<gistpaste> - Command line paste script for
B<gistpaste> [options] [FILE...]
=item Paste file(s)
gistpaste thatfile.txt another.diff
=item Paste STDIN
grep "this" thatfile.txt | gistpaste
=item Paste the clipboard contents
gistpaste -c
Pastes content to, a fullly featured paste bin.
Resulting paste URL is printed to STDOUT and coppied to clipboard.
Pastes can be generated from files, STDIN and the system clipboard.
Clipboard support relies on either B<pbpaste> or B<xclip>.
Pastes may be done anonymously or authenticated. See the account page at L<> and
click the 'Global Git Config' for instructions on how to setup
=head1 OPTIONS
=item B<-h> or B<--help>
Display the usage and exit.
=item B<-m> or B<--man>
Display the man page and exit.
=item B<-p> or B<--private>
Paste privately
=item B<-a> or B<--anonymous>
Do not use a username when posting. This is the default when there is
no authentication information setup.
=item B<-n> <name> or B<--name> <name>
Specifies the desired file name for data read from STDIN or the
clipboard. When supplied along with files listed as arguments, the
<name> parameter will be given as the file name instead of the name of
the file as it exists on the system.
=item B<-t> <type> or B<--type> <type>
Specifies the desired content type of the data pasted to Gist, either
via STDIN, the clipboard or file. Gist will often ignore this
parameter in favor of guessing the type based on the file name.
=item B<-c> or B<--clipboard>
Reads and posts data from the clipboard via B<pbpaste> or B<xclip> if
=item B<-o> or B<--open>
Open the URL in a browser after pasting. Supported via the B<open>
command (Mac OSX), or the B<xdg-open> command (Linux) if either are
The C<LWP::UserAgent> and C<File::Which> modules are required.
sudo cpan LWP::UserAgent
sudo cpan File::Which
Paste a single file
% gistpaste thatfile.txt
Paste multiple files of varying types
% gistpaste thatfile.txt
Paste a single file and override the name, all functionally equivalent.
% gistpaste --name=thatfile.diff thatfile.txt
% gistpaste --name=thatfile.diff < thatfile.txt
% cat thatfile.txt | gistpaste --name=thatfile.diff
Paste from STDIN
% grep "this" thatfile.txt | gistpaste
% svn diff thatfile.txt | gistpaste -t diff
% gistpaste < thatfile.txt
Copy content to the system clipboard and paste it
% gistpaste -c
% gistpaste -c -t xml
% gistpaste -c -n mydata.xml
Paste a file without the name so Gist will not ignore the type
% gistpaste --name=" " -t diff thatfile.txt
% gistpaste -t diff < thatfile.txt
% cat thatfile.txt | gistpaste -t diff
=head1 AUTHOR
David Blevins <>
Copyright (c) 2009 David Blevins. All rights reserved. This program is
free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
terms as Perl itself.
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