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* 2.10.6 (in development)
* Socket timeouts when connecting to a server are now properly raised
as TimeoutErrors.
* 2.10.5
* Allow URL encoded parameters in Redis URLs. Characters like a "/" can
now be URL encoded and redis-py will correctly decode them. Thanks
Paul Keene.
* Added support for the WAIT command. Thanks
* Better shutdown support for the PubSub Worker Thread. It now properly
cleans up the connection, unsubscribes from any channels and patterns
previously subscribed to and consumes any waiting messages on the socket.
* Added the ability to sleep for a brief period in the event of a
WatchError occuring. Thanks Joshua Harlow.
* Fixed a bug with pipeline error reporting when dealing with characters
in error messages that could not be encoded to the connection's
character set. Thanks Hendrik Muhs.
* Fixed a bug in Sentinel connections that would inadvertantly connect
to the master when the connection pool resets. Thanks
* Better timeout support in Pubsub get_message. Thanks Andy Isaacson.
* Fixed a bug with the HiredisParser that would cause the parser to
get stuck in an endless loop if a specific number of bytes were
delivered from the socket. This fix also increases performance of
parsing large responses from the Redis server.
* Added support for ZREVRANGEBYLEX.
* ConnectionErrors are now raised if Redis refuses a connection due to
the maxclients limit being exceeded. Thanks Roman Karpovich.
* max_connections can now be set when instantiating client instances.
Thanks Ohad Perry.
* 2.10.4
(skipped due to a PyPI snafu)
* 2.10.3
* Fixed a bug with the bytearray support introduced in 2.10.2. Thanks
Josh Owen.
* 2.10.2
* Added support for Hiredis's new bytearray support. Thanks
* POSSIBLE BACKWARDS INCOMPATBLE CHANGE: Fixed a possible race condition
when multiple threads share the same Lock instance with a timeout. Lock
tokens are now stored in thread local storage by default. If you have
code that acquires a lock in one thread and passes that lock instance to
another thread to release it, you need to disable thread local storage.
Refer to the doc strings on the Lock class about the thread_local
argument information.
* Fixed a regression in from_url where "charset" and "errors" weren't
valid options. "encoding" and "encoding_errors" are still accepted
and preferred.
* The "charset" and "errors" options have been deprecated. Passing
either to StrictRedis.__init__ or from_url will still work but will
also emit a DeprecationWarning. Instead use the "encoding" and
"encoding_errors" options.
* Fixed a compatability bug with Python 3 when the server closes a
* Added BITPOS command. Thanks
* Fixed a bug when attempting to send large values to Redis in a Pipeline.
* 2.10.1
* Fixed a bug where Sentinel connections to a server that's no longer a
master and receives a READONLY error will disconnect and reconnect to
the master.
* 2.10.0
* Discontinuted support for Python 2.5. Upgrade. You'll be happier.
* The HiRedis parser will now properly raise ConnectionErrors.
* Completely refactored PubSub support. Fixes all known PubSub bugs and
adds a bunch of new features. Docs can be found in the README under the
new "Publish / Subscribe" section.
* Added the new HyperLogLog commanads (PFADD, PFCOUNT, PFMERGE). Thanks
Pepijn de Vos and Vincent Ohprecio.
* Updated TTL and PTTL commands with Redis 2.8+ semantics. Thanks Markus
* *SCAN commands now return a long (int on Python3) cursor value rather
than the string representation. This might be slightly backwards
incompatible in code using *SCAN commands loops such as
"while cursor != '0':".
* Added extra *SCAN commands that return iterators instead of the normal
[cursor, data] type. Use scan_iter, hscan_iter, sscan_iter, and
zscan_iter for iterators. Thanks Mathieu Longtin.
* Added support for SLOWLOG commands. Thanks Rick van Hattem.
* Added lexicographical commands ZRANGEBYLEX, ZREMRANGEBYLEX, and ZLEXCOUNT
for sorted sets.
* Connection objects now support an optional argument, socket_read_size,
indicating how much data to read during each socket.recv() call. After
benchmarking, increased the default size to 64k, which dramatically
improves performance when fetching large values, such as many results
in a pipeline or a large (>1MB) string value.
* Improved the pack_command and send_packed_command functions to increase
performance when sending large (>1MB) values.
* Sentinel Connections to master servers now detect when a READONLY error
is encountered and disconnect themselves and all other active connections
to the same master so that the new master can be discovered.
* Fixed Sentinel state parsing on Python 3.
commands. Thanks Greg Murphy.
* INFO ouput that doesn't follow the "key:value" format will now be
appended to a key named "__raw__" in the INFO dictionary. Thanks Pedro
* The "vagrant" directory contains a complete vagrant environment for
redis-py developers. The environment runs a Redis master, a Redis slave,
and 3 Sentinels. Future iterations of the test sutie will incorporate
more integration style tests, ensuring things like failover happen
* It's now possible to create connection pool instances from a URL.
StrictRedis.from_url() now uses this feature to create a connection pool
instance and use that when creating a new client instance. Thanks
* When creating client instances or connection pool instances from an URL,
it's now possible to pass additional options to the connection pool with
querystring arguments.
* Fixed a bug where some encodings (like utf-16) were unusable on Python 3
as command names and literals would get encoded.
* Added an SSLConnection class that allows for secure connections through
stunnel or other means. Construct and SSL connection with the sll=True
option on client classes, using the rediss:// scheme from an URL, or
by passing the SSLConnection class to a connection pool's
connection_class argument. Thanks
* Added a socket_connect_timeout option to control how long to wait while
establishing a TCP connection before timing out. This lets the client
fail fast when attempting to connect to a downed server while keeping
a more lenient timeout for all other socket operations.
* Added TCP Keep-alive support by passing use the socket_keepalive=True
option. Finer grain control can be achieved using the
socket_keepalive_options option which expects a dictionary with any of
the keys (socket.TCP_KEEPIDLE, socket.TCP_KEEPCNT, socket.TCP_KEEPINTVL)
and integers for values. Thanks Yossi Gottlieb.
* Added a `retry_on_timeout` option that controls how socket.timeout errors
are handled. By default it is set to False and will cause the client to
raise a TimeoutError anytime a socket.timeout is encountered. If
`retry_on_timeout` is set to True, the client will retry a command that
timed out once like other `socket.error`s.
* Completely refactored the Lock system. There is now a LuaLock class
that's used when the Redis server is capable of running Lua scripts along
with a fallback class for Redis servers < 2.6. The new locks fix several
subtle race consider that the old lock could face. In additional, a
new method, "extend" is available on lock instances that all a lock
owner to extend the amount of time they have the lock for. Thanks to
Eli Finkelshteyn and for contributions.
* 2.9.1
* IPv6 support. Thanks
* 2.9.0
* Performance improvement for packing commands when using the PythonParser.
Thanks Guillaume Viot.
* Executing an empty pipeline transaction no longer sends MULTI/EXEC to
the server. Thanks EliFinkelshteyn.
* Errors when authenticating (incorrect password) and selecting a database
now close the socket.
* Full Sentinel support thanks to Vitja Makarov. Thanks!
* Better repr support for client and connection pool instances. Thanks
Mark Roberts.
* Error messages that the server sends to the client are now included
in the client error message. Thanks Sangjin Lim.
* Added the SCAN, SSCAN, HSCAN, and ZSCAN commands. Thanks Jingchao Hu.
* ResponseErrors generated by pipeline execution provide addition context
including the position of the command in the pipeline and the actual
command text generated the error.
* ConnectionPools now play nicer in threaded environments that fork. Thanks
Christian Joergensen.
* 2.8.0
* redis-py should play better with gevent when a gevent Timeout is raised.
Thanks leifkb.
* Added SENTINEL command. Thanks Anna Janackova.
* Fixed a bug where pipelines could potentially corrupt a connection
if the MULTI command generated a ResponseError. Thanks EliFinkelshteyn
for the report.
* Connections now call socket.shutdown() prior to socket.close() to
ensure communication ends immediately per the note at
Thanks to David Martin for pointing this out.
* Lock checks are now based on floats rather than ints. Thanks
Vitja Makarov.
* 2.7.6
* Added CONFIG RESETSTAT command. Thanks Yossi Gottlieb.
* Fixed a bug introduced in 2.7.3 that caused issues with script objects
and pipelines. Thanks Carpentier Pierre-Francois.
* Converted redis-py's test suite to use the awesome py.test library.
* Fixed a bug introduced in 2.7.5 that prevented a ConnectionError from
being raised when the Redis server is LOADING data.
* Added a BusyLoadingError exception that's raised when the Redis server
is starting up and not accepting commands yet. BusyLoadingError
subclasses ConnectionError, which this state previously returned.
Thanks Yossi Gottlieb.
* 2.7.5
* DEL, HDEL and ZREM commands now return the numbers of keys deleted
instead of just True/False.
* from_url now supports URIs with a port number. Thanks Aaron Westendorf.
* 2.7.4
* Added missing INCRBY method. Thanks Krzysztof Dorosz.
* SET now accepts the EX, PX, NX and XX options from Redis 2.6.12. These
options will generate errors if these options are used when connected
to a Redis server < 2.6.12. Thanks George Yoshida.
* 2.7.3
* Fixed a bug with BRPOPLPUSH and lists with empty strings.
* All empty except: clauses have been replaced to only catch Exception
subclasses. This prevents a KeyboardInterrupt from triggering exception
handlers. Thanks Lucian Branescu Mihaila.
* All exceptions that are the result of redis server errors now share a
command Exception subclass, ServerError. Thanks Matt Robenolt.
* Prevent DISCARD from being called if MULTI wasn't also called. Thanks
Pete Aykroyd.
* SREM now returns an integer indicating the number of items removed from
the set. Thanks
* Fixed a bug with BGSAVE and BGREWRITEAOF response callbacks with Python3.
Thanks Nathan Wan.
* It's now possible to use len() on a pipeline instance to determine the
number of commands that will be executed. Thanks Jon Parise.
* Fixed a bug in INFO's parse routine with floating point numbers. Thanks
Ali Onur Uyar.
* Fixed a bug with BITCOUNT to allow `start` and `end` to both be zero.
Thanks Tim Bart.
* The transaction() method now accepts a boolean keyword argument,
value_from_callable. By default, or if False is passes, the transaction()
method will return the value of the pipelines execution. Otherwise, it
will return whatever func() returns.
* Python3 compatibility fix ensuring we're not already bytes(). Thanks
Salimane Adjao Moustapha.
* Added PSETEX. Thanks YAMAMOTO Takashi.
* Added a BlockingConnectionPool to limit the number of connections that
can be created. Thanks James Arthur.
* SORT now accepts a `groups` option that if specified, will return
tuples of n-length, where n is the number of keys specified in the GET
argument. This allows for convenient row-based iteration. Thanks
Ionuț Arțăriși.
* 2.7.2
* Parse errors are now *always* raised on multi/exec pipelines, regardless
of the `raise_on_error` flag. See!topic/redis-db/VUiEFT8U8U0
for more info.
* 2.7.1
* Packaged tests with source code
* 2.7.0
* Added BITOP and BITCOUNT commands. Thanks Mark Tozzi.
* Added the TIME command. Thanks Jason Knight.
* Added support for LUA scripting. Thanks to Angus Peart, Drew Smathers,
Issac Kelly, Louis-Philippe Perron, Sean Bleier, Jeffrey Kaditz, and
Dvir Volk for various patches and contributions to this feature.
* Changed the default error handling in pipelines. By default, the first
error in a pipeline will now be raised. A new parameter to the
pipeline's execute, `raise_on_error`, can be set to False to keep the
old behavior of embeedding the exception instances in the result.
* Fixed a bug with pipelines where parse errors won't corrupt the
* Added the optional `number` argument to SRANDMEMBER for use with
Redis 2.6+ servers.
* Added PEXPIRE/PEXPIREAT/PTTL commands. Thanks Luper Rouch.
* Added INCRBYFLOAT/HINCRBYFLOAT commands. Thanks Nikita Uvarov.
* High precision floating point values won't lose their precision when
being sent to the Redis server. Thanks Jason Oster and Oleg Pudeyev.
* 2.6.2
* `from_url` is now available as a classmethod on client classes. Thanks
Jon Parise for the patch.
* Fixed several encoding errors resulting from the Python 3.x support.
* 2.6.1
* Python 3.x support! Big thanks to Alex Grönholm.
* Fixed a bug in the PythonParser's read_response that could hide an error
from the client (#251).
* 2.6.0
* Changed (p)subscribe and (p)unsubscribe to no longer return messages
indicating the channel was subscribed/unsubscribed to. These messages
are available in the listen() loop instead. This is to prevent the
following scenario:
* Client A is subscribed to "foo"
* Client B publishes message to "foo"
* Client A subscribes to channel "bar" at the same time.
Prior to this change, the subscribe() call would return the published
messages on "foo" rather than the subscription confirmation to "bar".
* Added support for GETRANGE, thanks Jean-Philippe Caruana
* A new setting "decode_responses" specifies whether return values from
Redis commands get decoded automatically using the client's charset
value. Thanks to Frankie Dintino for the patch.
* 2.4.13
* redis.from_url() can take an URL representing a Redis connection string
and return a client object. Thanks Kenneth Reitz for the patch.
* 2.4.12
* ConnectionPool is now fork-safe. Thanks Josiah Carson for the patch.
* 2.4.11
* AuthenticationError will now be correctly raised if an invalid password
is supplied.
* If Hiredis is unavailable, the HiredisParser will raise a RedisError
if selected manually.
* Made the INFO command more tolerant of Redis changes formatting. Fix
for #217.
* 2.4.10
* Buffer reads from socket in the PythonParser. Fix for a Windows-specific
bug (#205).
* Added the OBJECT and DEBUG OBJECT commands.
* Added __del__ methods for classes that hold on to resources that need to
be cleaned up. This should prevent resource leakage when these objects
leave scope due to misuse or unhandled exceptions. Thanks David Wolever
for the suggestion.
* Added the ECHO command for completeness.
* Fixed a bug where attempting to subscribe to a PubSub channel of a Redis
server that's down would blow out the stack. Fixes #179 and #195. Thanks
Ovidiu Predescu for the test case.
* StrictRedis's TTL command now returns a -1 when querying a key with no
expiration. The Redis class continues to return None.
* ZADD and SADD now return integer values indicating the number of items
added. Thanks Homer Strong.
* Renamed the base client class to StrictRedis, replacing ZADD and LREM in
favor of their official argument order. The Redis class is now a subclass
of StrictRedis, implementing the legacy redis-py implementations of ZADD
and LREM. Docs have been updated to suggesting the use of StrictRedis.
* SETEX in StrictRedis is now compliant with official Redis SETEX command.
the name, value, time implementation moved to "Redis" for backwards
* 2.4.9
* Removed socket retry logic in Connection. This is the responsbility of
the caller to determine if the command is safe and can be retried. Thanks
David Wolver.
* Added some extra guards around various types of exceptions being raised
when sending or parsing data. Thanks David Wolver and Denis Bilenko.
* 2.4.8
* Imported with_statement from __future__ for Python 2.5 compatability.
* 2.4.7
* Fixed a bug where some connections were not getting released back to the
connection pool after pipeline execution.
* Pipelines can now be used as context managers. This is the preferred way
of use to ensure that connections get cleaned up properly. Thanks
David Wolever.
* Added a convenience method called transaction() on the base Redis class.
This method eliminates much of the boilerplate used when using pipelines
to watch Redis keys. See the documentation for details on usage.
* 2.4.6
* Variadic arguments for SADD, SREM, ZREN, HDEL, LPUSH, and RPUSH. Thanks
Raphaël Vinot.
* (CRITICAL) Fixed an error in the Hiredis parser that occasionally caused
the socket connection to become corrupted and unusable. This became
noticeable once connection pools started to be used.
additional optional argument, score_cast_func, which is a callable used
to cast the score value in the return type. The default is float.
* Removed the PUBLISH method from the PubSub class. Connections that are
[P]SUBSCRIBEd cannot issue PUBLISH commands, so it doesn't make sense
to have it here.
* Pipelines now contain WATCH and UNWATCH. Calling WATCH or UNWATCH from
the base client class will result in a deprecation warning. After
WATCHing one or more keys, the pipeline will be placed in immediate
execution mode until UNWATCH or MULTI are called. Refer to the new
pipeline docs in the README for more information. Thanks to David Wolever
and Randall Leeds for greatly helping with this.
* 2.4.5
* The PythonParser now works better when reading zero length strings.
* 2.4.4
* Fixed a typo introduced in 2.4.3
* 2.4.3
* Fixed a bug in the UnixDomainSocketConnection caused when trying to
form an error message after a socket error.
* 2.4.2
* Fixed a bug in pipeline that caused an exception while trying to
reconnect after a connection timeout.
* 2.4.1
* Fixed a bug in the PythonParser if disconnect is called before connect.
* 2.4.0
* WARNING: 2.4 contains several backwards incompatible changes.
* Completely refactored Connection objects. Moved much of the Redis
protocol packing for requests here, and eliminated the nasty dependencies
it had on the client to do AUTH and SELECT commands on connect.
* Connection objects now have a parser attribute. Parsers are responsible
for reading data Redis sends. Two parsers ship with redis-py: a
PythonParser and the HiRedis parser. redis-py will automatically use the
HiRedis parser if you have the Python hiredis module installed, otherwise
it will fall back to the PythonParser. You can force or the other, or even
an external one by passing the `parser_class` argument to ConnectionPool.
* Added a UnixDomainSocketConnection for users wanting to talk to the Redis
instance running on a local machine only. You can use this connection
by passing it to the `connection_class` argument of the ConnectionPool.
* Connections no longer derive from threading.local. See threading.local
note below.
* ConnectionPool has been comletely refactored. The ConnectionPool now
maintains a list of connections. The redis-py client only hangs on to
a ConnectionPool instance, calling get_connection() anytime it needs to
send a command. When get_connection() is called, the command name and
any keys involved in the command are passed as arguments. Subclasses of
ConnectionPool could use this information to identify the shard the keys
belong to and return a connection to it. ConnectionPool also implements
disconnect() to force all connections in the pool to disconnect from
the Redis server.
* redis-py no longer support the SELECT command. You can still connect to
a specific database by specifing it when instantiating a client instance
or by creating a connection pool. If you need to talk to multiplate
databases within your application, you should use a separate client
instance for each database you want to talk to.
* Completely refactored Publish/Subscribe support. The subscribe and listen
commands are no longer available on the redis-py Client class. Instead,
the `pubsub` method returns an instance of the PubSub class which contains
all publish/subscribe support. Note, you can still PUBLISH from the
redis-py client class if you desire.
* Removed support for all previously deprecated commands or options.
* redis-py no longer uses threading.local in any way. Since the Client
class no longer holds on to a connection, it's no longer needed. You can
now pass client instances between threads, and commands run on those
threads will retrieve an available connection from the pool, use it and
release it. It should now be trivial to use redis-py with eventlet or
* ZADD now accepts pairs of value=score keyword arguments. This should help
resolve the long standing #72. The older value and score arguments have
been deprecated in favor of the keyword argument style.
* Client instances now get their own copy of RESPONSE_CALLBACKS. The new
set_response_callback method adds a user defined callback to the instance.
* Support Jython, fixing #97. Thanks to Adam Vandenberg for the patch.
* Using __getitem__ now properly raises a KeyError when the key is not
found. Thanks Ionuț Arțăriși for the patch.
* Newer Redis versions return a LOADING message for some commands while
the database is loading from disk during server start. This could cause
problems with SELECT. We now force a socket disconnection prior to
raising a ResponseError so subsuquent connections have to reconnect and
re-select the appropriate database. Thanks to Benjamin Anderson for
finding this and fixing.
* 2.2.4
* WARNING: Potential backwards incompatible change - Changed order of
parameters of ZREVRANGEBYSCORE to match those of the actual Redis command.
This is only backwards-incompatible if you were passing max and min via
keyword args. If passing by normal args, nothing in user code should have
to change. Thanks Stéphane Angel for the fix.
* Fixed INFO to properly parse the Redis data correctly for both 2.2.x and
2.3+. Thanks Stéphane Angel for the fix.
* Lock objects now store their timeout value as a float. This allows floats
to be used as timeout values. No changes to existing code required.
* WATCH now supports multiple keys. Thanks Rich Schumacher.
* Broke out some code that was Python 2.4 incompatible. redis-py should
now be useable on 2.4, but this hasn't actually been tested. Thanks
Dan Colish for the patch.
* Optimized some code using izip and islice. Should have a pretty good
speed up on larger data sets. Thanks Dan Colish.
* Better error handling when submitting an empty mapping to HMSET. Thanks
Dan Colish.
* Subscription status is now reset after every (re)connection.
* 2.2.3
* Added support for Hiredis. To use, simply "pip install hiredis" or
"easy_install hiredis". Thanks for Pieter Noordhuis for the hiredis-py
bindings and the patch to redis-py.
* The connection class is chosen based on whether hiredis is installed
or not. To force the use of the PythonConnection, simply create
your own ConnectionPool instance with the connection_class argument
assigned to to PythonConnection class.
* Added missing command ZREVRANGEBYSCORE. Thanks Jay Baird for the patch.
* The INFO command should be parsed correctly on 2.2.x server versions
and is backwards compatible with older versions. Thanks Brett Hoerner.
* 2.2.2
* Fixed a bug in ZREVRANK where retriving the rank of a value not in
the zset would raise an error.
* Fixed a bug in Connection.send where the errno import was getting
overwritten by a local variable.
* Fixed a bug in SLAVEOF when promoting an existing slave to a master.
* Reverted change of download URL back to redis-VERSION.tar.gz. 2.2.1's
change of this actually broke Pypi for Pip installs. Sorry!
* 2.2.1
* Changed archive name to redis-py-VERSION.tar.gz to not conflict
with the Redis server archive.
* 2.2.0
* Implemented SLAVEOF
* Implemented CONFIG as config_get and config_set
* Implemented GETBIT/SETBIT
* Implemented BRPOPLPUSH
* Implemented STRLEN
* Implemented PERSIST
* Implemented SETRANGE