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Script doesn't take keys

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1 parent db5e482 commit 520984447ec9a7f4a543ec0fe6201d2a889c74c8 andy committed Aug 24, 2012
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@@ -1265,14 +1265,14 @@ def script_load(self, script):
options = {'parse': 'LOAD'}
return self.execute_command('SCRIPT', 'LOAD', script, **options)
- def register_script(self, script, *keys):
+ def register_script(self, script):
Register a LUA ``script`` specifying the ``keys`` it will touch.
Returns a Script object that is callable and hides the complexity of
deal with scripts, keys, and shas. This is the preferred way to work
with LUA scripts.
- return Script(self, script, *keys)
+ return Script(self, script)
class Redis(StrictRedis):

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