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Contributors: Peter Morris, Andy McKay

This is a plugin to catch errors that occur in your rails sites and forward the errors onto Arecibo.
For more information see Arecibo at http://www.areciboapp.com. Once it has done this you will have to 
pass the user to a nice error page of your choosing.

This library is under the BSD license and is useful example of how Arecibo can be extended to Rails. 
Please change and configure to work with your applications as you see fit, if you'd like to contribute
code back we'd appreciate at.


Install the plugin, by adding the code to vendor/plugins.

Add in the following into your environment settings, normally this would be config/environment.rb:

ARECIBO_ACCOUNT_NUMBER = 'youraccountnumber'

Where 'youraccountnumber' is replaced with the account number at: http://www.areciboapp.com/setup/keys/
Copy assets/arecibo.rhtml to your app/views directory, you can then have this rendered
as a result, so if you copy it to app/views/layouts you can add in the following to get a default template after an error:

ARECIBO_RESULT_TEMPLATE = "layouts/arecibo"    

The ARECIBO_RESULT_TEMPLATE variable can be set to any value you'd like to render an error 
back. You'll get @arecibodata available to you which allows you to show any information you'd like to,
by default we only show the UID for looking up in Arecibo.

Sending errors

The default setup for Arecibo catches two kinds of errors, 404 and all other errors. A 404 is passed as priority 5
and everything else priority 1. These should me altered to suit your needs (see configuration below)

In both cases Rails catches the error and forwards it on Arecibo and then renders an error back to the user.
If the sending to Arecibo fails, then a log message is written containing the error.

Add the following into your application contoller (controllers/application.rb):

  def rescue_action(exception)

Contributors and License

Original version by Peter Morris

Copyright (c) 2008 [Peter Morris / peter.morris@ntlworld.com], released under the MIT license

Altered by Andy McKay, ClearWind Consulting and relicensed under the BSD license.