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from datetime import datetime, date, timedelta
from urllib import urlencode
import requests
import os
import sys
from utils import check_login, URL, creds
brasstacks_rest = ''
brasstacks_info = (''
brasstacks_session = os.getenv('BRASSTACKS_COOKIE_VALUE')
brasstacks_user_agent = os.getenv('BRASSTACKS_USER_AGENT')
def fetch(product, component):
bugs = []
kw = {
'product': product,
'component': component,
'short_desc': 'Intermittent',
res = requests.get(URL, params=kw)
bugs = res.json().get('bugs', [])
print 'Found {} bugs.'.format(len(bugs))
return bugs
def last_occurred(bug, days):
print 'Bug: {}'.format(bug['id'])
if ("test disabled" in bug['whiteboard'] or
"stockwell disabled" in bug['whiteboard']):
print ' Ignoring because the test is disabled.'
return False
start = - timedelta(days=days)
created = datetime.strptime(bug['creation_time'][:10], '%Y-%m-%d').date()
# Assume the bug was created earlier than it was, just in case there
# was any lag in creating the bug.
lag = created - timedelta(days=10)
if lag > start:
print ' Ignoring because the bug is too new.'
return False
kw = {
'bugid': bug['id'],
'startday': start,
res = requests.get(
cookies={'session': brasstacks_session},
headers={'User-Agent': brasstacks_user_agent}
json = res.json()
print 'Brasstacks is not returning JSON. Have you got the correct user agent and session cookies?'
sorted_results = sorted([(k, v) for k, v in json['oranges'].items()])
for result in sorted_results:
if result[1]['orangecount'] > 0:
print ' This occurred on: {} '.format(result[0])
return False
print ' This has NOT occurred since: {}'.format(sorted_results[0][0])
return True
def close(bug, days, dry_run):
start = - timedelta(days=days)
more_info = brasstacks_info.format(bug['id'], start,
kw = {
'ids': [bug['id']],
'status': 'RESOLVED',
'resolution': 'WORKSFORME',
'comment': {
'body': 'This intermittent has not occurred for '
'over {} days, so closing.\n\n{}'.format(days, more_info)
url = URL + '/%s' % bug['id']
if not dry_run:
print ' Closing on bugzilla.'
res = requests.put(url, params=creds, json=kw)
if __name__ == '__main__':
product = sys.argv[1]
component = sys.argv[2]
days = int(sys.argv[3])
dry_run = '--dry-run' in sys.argv
print ('Product: {}, component: {}, days since: {}'
.format(product, component, days))
if dry_run:
print 'This is a dry run, won\'t actually close any bugs.'
closed = 0
assert days > 30, 'Probably best to test for more than 30 days.'
bugs = fetch(product, component)
for bug in bugs:
should_close = last_occurred(bug, days)
if should_close:
closed += 1
close(bug, days, dry_run)
print 'Found: {} bugs'.format(len(bugs))
print 'Closed: {} bugs'.format(closed)
print 'Complete.'