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the presence of the statsd panel on django_toolbar seems to break the templates panel #15

Lacrymology opened this Issue · 1 comment

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  • My Templates panel on the django debug toolbar broke.
  • I've done a git bisect and found that the breaking point is when I added the statsd panel.
  • I've confirmed that removing the statsd panel fixes the problem. Just commenting out the line in DEBUG_TOOLBAR_PANELS without changing any other settings

I have latest versions of django, django-debug-toolbar and django-statsd-mozilla. I haven't created a minimal example yet to confirm this. Is this a known issue? are there any fixes?


django-statsd does an awful lot of monkey patching, so changes to django-toolbar are more than likely to break it. I keep up with django, but don't use toolbar that much, so it's more than likely that it's broken :) Patches gratefully received.

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