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A management command to start a shell and auto-import all models. Unlike django command extensions shell_plus it doesn't print out a load of gunk to the shell. Provides a mechanism so that you can add in extra imports that are specific to your project.


$ pip install django-shellng

Add into installed apps:

INSTALLED_APPS += ('shellng',)


$ ./ shellng

To import more things add a file containing a method shellng and assign that in settings. For example, make a file in the root of your Django project (or somewhere importable) called:

In it, place the following:

def shellng(imported_objects):
    modules = ('urllib',)  # This will add in urllib.
    for mod in modules:
        imported_objects[mod] = __import__(mod)

imported_objects is a dictionary of all modules to be imported. You can add or remove to it as you want in the methods. Finally add in to

SHELLNG_METHODS = ('shellng_local',)