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What is IndyTube?

This is a very basic script for reencoding arbitrary video files to
flash video (flv), and then including this video in the browser with a
flash video player.  The exact same approach can be used to embed a
cortado java player that can play ogg theora files, but the files here
don't do that yet.  The overriding design goal is to make it
absolutely trivial for the largest number of users to view video
content, while still making the original files available for download,
and not compromising privacy and anonymity of uploaders and viewers by
relying on a commercial service like YouTube or Google Video.

Design: Why not build this into the cms?

Video transcoding, even on good hardware, is a time-intensive task.
So any CMS that wanted to support embedded video would probably need
to run the encoding job in an asynchronous process anyway.  On systems
that do support asynchronous production processes, like Mir, you
probably wouldn't want to put big encoding jobs into the queue anyway,
because no one wants to wait 20 minutes for a video to finish encoding
when they need to update the startpage.  Running the video encoding in
a separate process also allows the encoding process to get "nice'd" 
to an appropriate priority so it doesn't bring down your server.  
It also means that it is very easy to graft support for embedded 
video onto any existing cms that stores video in the file system.

This script uses Twisted networking framework, to run every 60 seconds
or whatever you like, and scan a directory files for new videos to 

What do I need to run this?

* Python 2.5 or higher

* Flowplayer, available from

	This provides a nice embedded flash video player, you should
	download a copy and put a copy on your web site.

    Tested with Flowplayer 2.2.4, and earlier.

* Mencoder, the Mplayer video encoder/decoder swiss army knife.  

	This is better than ffmpeg because it is designed to handle
	any proprietary cruft that your users throw at it.
	Get it from, or, for debian packages, from

* FLVTool2,
	You need to be able to write some metadata to the file so
	users can seek during playback.  This ruby program does the
	trick (make sure you've got ruby installed!)

* Cheetah template library for Python.
	You can get this from, or just
	'apt-get install python-cheetah'

* Twisted networking - 
	You can get this from
	or 'apt-get install python-twisted'

* For OggTheora support, you need ffmpeg2theora and Cortado applet