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Easy (and sensibly separated) composer-ised install of wordpress for deployment to Heroku

I've included the plugin tantan-s3-cloudfront to allow uploading assets outside of Heroku's read-only filesystem. This will require an Amazon S3 bucket and settings on the Admin panel. That's beyond the scope of this document, but I might be persuaded to write a wiki page :-)


I used ideas from

I very much liked the approach taken with roots/bedrock, but it was a little more complex than I was looking for

Wordpress on Heroku in seven steps

git clone my-new-wordpress
cd my-new-wordpress
heroku apps:create my-new-wordpress
heroku addons:add cleardb:ignite
heroku config:add DATABASE_URL=`heroku config:get CLEARDB_DATABASE_URL`
git push heroku master
heroku open

Optional tweak

Go through the installation process. When complete, log into the site, click on Settings and remove the trailing /wp from Site Address


The free plan for ClearDB is limited to 5MB, which is quite small. After you've tested the install, you'll probably want to upgrade your plan or use a different MySQL provider

We haven't set any salt values, so Wordpress will generate some for us. These might not be as secure as the salts from the API

Additional settings

I've modified the wp-config.php to pick up the majority of the settings from the environment. Have a look at wp-config.php

Some interesting ones to play with are the salt values (see warning above) and TABLE_PREFIX which lets you have multiple installations in the same database


Easy (and sensibly separated) install of wordpress for deployment to Heroku



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