PowerBI Custom Data Connector for the OpenDataBR API
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OpenData BR
OpenData BR.sln



Open Data BR

PowerBI Desktop Custom Connector for the OpenDataBR API

This connector will allow the user to connect with any of the Open Data BR endpoints. It gets the list of endpoints dynamically, and then builds the tables. Multiple tables can be queried by Power BI with a single connection.



To install, create a subdirectory in your documents folder named "Microsoft Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors\". Then copy "/OpenData BR/bin/Debug/OpenData BR.mez" to that folder.

Also, Custom data connectors must be selected under Options > Preview features settings in PowerBI Desktop. After this is selected, PowerBI Desktop must be restarted.

Preview features

Custom Data Connectors Information

More information about Power BI custom data connectors can be found at Microsoft/DataConnectors.

PowerBI Report Examples

Several example reports will be found in the examples directory.


Extensibility Notes

As this uses the socrata Discovery API, it should be able to query any of the open data sets using that model.

Further Notes

This connector was submitted as part of the Hackathon at the 2018 Activate Conference.