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using System;
using System.Linq;
using AndyPike.Castlecasts.Website.Controllers;
using AndyPike.Castlecasts.Website.Models;
using Castle.ActiveRecord;
using Castle.MonoRail.Framework;
namespace AndyPike.Castlecasts.Website.Filters
public class AuthenticationFilter : IFilter
public bool Perform(ExecuteWhen exec, IEngineContext context, IController controller, IControllerContext controllerContext)
var controllerBase = controller as ControllerBase;
if (controllerBase == null) throw new InvalidOperationException("The controller must derive from ControllerBase to use the AuthenticationFilter.");
var token = context.Session["token"] as Guid?;
User user = ActiveRecordBase<User>.FindAllByProperty("Token", token).FirstOrDefault();
if(user != null)
controllerBase.CurrentUser = user;
controllerBase.PropertyBag["currentUser"] = user;
return true;
context.Flash["notice"] = "You have been logged out due to inactivity.";
context.Response.Redirect("Sessions", "New");
return false;