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@@ -38,7 +38,21 @@ Start adding your Nancy modules containig your actions
-Start application and enjoy!
+Start application and enjoy! Swap out Get with either Put, Post or Delete to create actions that will respond to calls using those request methods.
+If you want to get fancy you can add parameters to your paths
+ public class Module : NancyModule
+ {
+ public MyNancy()
+ {
+ Get["/greet/{name}"] = x => {
+ return string.Concat("Hello ",;
+ };
+ }
+ }
+The _{name}_ parameter will be captured and injected into the action parameters, shown as _x_ in the sample. The parameters are represented by a _dynamic_ type so you can access any parameter name straight on it as a property or an indexer. For more information on action parameters please refer to the [Nancy introduction post]( "Read the Nancy introduction post at") over at my blog on [ElegantCode]( "Visit ElegantCode).
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