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My profile banner doesn't show up properly #278

DiMono opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Chris Marks Andy Pike
Chris Marks

If you look at the image directly, it looks like this:

Note the grey that dots the middle and left of it. Now, if you go to my profile at you'll notice that all of that is solid black, despite correctly not being so in the image on the server. What's going on with that?

Chris Marks

So I looked into it, and I know what's going on with it: profile_fade-[numbers].png is still being shown over top of it, rather than being beneath it or replaced by it. Swap the order of those two divs and you should be fine.

Andy Pike

We add the fade on top to make sure that we have contrast between the text and the image under it. We don't know if the image is dark or light so this is a safe way to make sure that the text is always readable.

This is by design.

Chris Marks

Right... except my other suggestion would nullify that requirement by forcing the contrast on a smaller scale.

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