A trivial example of ASP.NET for deployment to a Cloud Foundry instance
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Simple ASP.NET sample

A trivial example of an ASP.NET application in C# for deployment to a Cloud Foundry instance with .NET support (e.g. Uhuru).


This example was built using MonoDevelop on OS X, and can be deployed to Uhuru's cloud using the vmcu Ruby gem. It requires a Cloud Foundry instance that supports a .NET runtime.


First, fork the project. Then run:

git clone git@github.com:<your_name>/simple-aspnet-cf.git simpleasp
cd simpleasp/asp
vi manifest.yml

Edit the application name in the manifest file to be a unique value (an appname must be a unique name across all applications running on Cloud Foundry), and save the file.

Ensure that the vmcu Ruby gem is installed.

gem install vmcu

vmcu target http://api.uhurucloud.net
vmcu login
vmcu push

Visit http://appname.uhurucloud.net in a browser to see the application.


There are a few things to note in terms of coding and deployment requirements.

  • the MonoDevelop wizard for creating ASP.NET applications adds customErrors to web.config - set customErrors mode="Off" for Uhuru unless you are adding your own.
  • Uhuru is a .NET runtime, not Mono - so there may be some differences in functionality.
  • there is no console output on Cloud Foundry.
  • Uhuru stores VCAP_* variables in the web.config after deployment so they can be accessed via ConfigurationManager.AppSettings
  • this app supports multiple instances via JSESSIONID (see web.config)