Website for Cloud Foundry at Young Rewired State 2012
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YRS 2012 - website for Cloud Foundry

This is a trivial app serving static content using the Sinatra framework in Ruby. It is being used to provide basic information for the Young Rewired State event and is online for reference.


This simple app uses:

I'm also a fan of the humans.txt initiative so I've thrown that in for good measure...


What are all these files?

Nothing, really. No, really. Everything in the public folder is there to be served as static content. All you need to get going is the web.rb file, and optionally the Gemfile. Put your own static web content (with an index.html file, and maybe a 404.html file) in the public folder, and either:

  • run ruby web.rb from the root directory; or
  • deploy to Cloud Foundry as a Sinatra application (it should be autodetected)

... and you are good to go.

Optionally, fiddle with the settings in the top of the web.rb file to tweak how things work.