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Force a WordPress Events Manager user to chose just one from the list of available tickets.
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Events Manager - Distinct Ticket Selection

Contributors: socarrat

Tags: Events Manager, Single Ticket

Requires at least: 3.0.1

Tested up to: 4.1

Stable tag: 1.0


Forces an WordPress Events Manager user to select a single ticket type from those available.

Modifies the Events booking form ticket list so that instead of having select drop downs per each ticket, there is a single checkbox per ticket, for which a user can only select a single ticket. This is designed for use where there is a requirement to allow a user to purchase just a single ticket per booking, chosing the ticket type they want.

Ticket display will look something like this:


When using this plugin it makes sense to configure the event tickets "At most 1 space per booking" along with setting "Maximum Spaces Per Booking" to 1.


Same as you would any other WordPress plugin

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