Git and GitHub Plugin for the Bamboo Build Server
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A Git Plugin for the Bamboo build server

Version 1.0.7

Build your Git repositories on the Amazon Cloud using Atlassian’s Bamboo.

  • Adds the option “Git” to the list of available repositories when you add or edit a plan.
  • Shows the changes that triggered the build.
  • Can trigger the build via a GitHub Service Hook.
  • Links GitHub repository changes back to the GitHub page containing the commit/diff.
  • Works with Bamboo version 2.2 or greater.
  • Tested on Ubuntu and OSX. Should work on Windows!

Tested on Bamboo version 2.7.3. More information on the project wiki.

NOTE: The trigger on change feature has stopped working since github moved from engineyard to rackspace. Bamboo’s TriggerRemoteBuild checks that the IP address of the source repository matches the IP address of the build trigger. The trigger now comes from a different IP and is rejected by Bamboo. I have raised the following jira with the bamboo team: BAM-4713. Vote on it to get it fixed!!! The short term fix is to poll for changes instead.

Bamboo Compatibility

File Bamboo Version
Bamboo 3.0 has built-in git support 3.0
git-repository-1.0.7.jar 2.7
git-repository-1.0.6.jar 2.7
git-repository-1.0.5.jar 2.2/2.3/2.4/2.5/2.6
git-repository-1.0.4.jar 2.2/2.3/2.4


Install git (

Copy the git-repository jar to $BAMBOO_INSTALL_DIR/webapp/WEB-INF/lib.

Run exec ssh-agent bash and ssh-add deployment-key before running Bamboo. Bamboo will use the key stored in the agent to fetch the changes from GitHub.

The plugin will try and find the git command-line binary. Alternatively, you can tell bamboo where the git binary is located using the GIT_HOME environment variable.

Build from source

Define the bamboo.server.lib value in the build.xml so the build has access to the bamboo jars (Bamboo is commercial, so I can’t include them the github repository).

Run the ant all task.