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Copy the git-repository jar to the $BAMBOO_INSTALL_DIR/webapp/WEB-INF/lib directory.

Building a GitHub project

GitHub uses public-key cryptography and SSH to authenticate your repository. Create a readonly deployment key so that Bamboo can access the repository (

Run exec ssh-agent bash and ssh-add your-deployment-key before running Bamboo. Bamboo will use the key stored in the agent to fetch the changes from GitHub.

Fire up Bamboo and create a new Project Plan.

The plugin adds the “Git” option to the repository dropdown:

You enter the git respository URL and branch.

Select the “Repository triggers the build when changes are committed” build stratergy. This tells Bamboo that GitHub (via a GitHub service hook) will trigger the build whenever someone commits changes to the repository.

NOTE: The trigger on change feature has stopped working since github moved from the to rackspace. Bamboo’s TriggerRemoteBuild class checks that the IP address of the source repository matches the IP adress of the build trigger. The trigger now comes from a different IP and is rejected by Bamboo. I have raised the following jira with the bamboo team: BAM-4713
The work around is to poll the repository for changes.

Next, add a GitHub service hook to trigger the build. Go to the repository’s Service Hook page and enter a Bamboo updateAndBuild request. The bamboo updateAndBuild request looks like this

Link Changes Back to GitHub

Edit the Bamboo Plan. Select the Repository Tab; choose the “GitHub Web Repository” and enter the repository url.

Now, when you view the build change set, bamboo provides a link back to the github checkin:

This link takes you to the GitHub commit page showing the changes:

Check out the plugin on the Atlassian plugin exchange

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