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AndroidAPS - Medtronic

This is the main Integration/Development branch for Medtronic driver in AAPS.

Every integration will be done from this repository where now main branch is riley_link_medtronic. After all development is done, it will be merged into Milos Kozak's dev, but this will be done after all internal Milestones have been done (all 7 of them), which from time view probably won't be before end of year. if you want more details look at next section.


This is repository and App, where most of the code and communciation with RileyLink and Medtronic pump will happen. After functionalities are developed, they will be slowly copied into this AAPS repository.

There you can find the Project (Medtronic), with nice board with all the tasks (lined to issue's in that repository), needed to finish the driver. There you can find even small Wiki pages about status of this driver.

AndroidAPS - Default README content

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