Roadmap for Medtronic development

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Milestones for Pump Implementation/Integration (project Medtronic)

Milestone 1 - Get this app working with Andy's test pump (as soon as I get my RileyLink) and with our testing part in app - 10.6.2018 (DONE - 4.6.2018)

Milestone 2 - Finish split of RileyLink code - 15.7.2018 (DONE - 4.6.2018)

Milestone 3 - Add some of basic commands without dependence on current task structure (currently there is a lot of tasks passed left and right, but for use in AAPS that is totally unrealistic to work, so we need to use Tasks/IPC Messages only for initialisation part and create State machine, so that reconnecting and command execution is done directly (synchronously). Make RL communication more stable. - 15.7.2018 (DONE - 16.6.2018)

Milestone 4 - Integrate framework and some commands into AAPS so that people can start testing - 15.8.2018 (DONE)

Milestone 5 - Integrate all commands into AAPS, add RileyLink 2 support - 30.9.2018 (DONE)

Milestone 6 - Start working on history retrieval, when AAPS plugin starts and after communication with pump is reestablished. Look at Combo code as a sample. - 30.11.2018 (WIP)

Milestone 7 - Finalize plugin and add it into main repository dev branch (maybe with engineering mode enabled) - 25.12.2018

Milestones for CGMS Implementation/Integration (project Medtronic-CGMS)

Dates here are just rough estimates, and go out from premise that work will start after pump implementation is done, but this project can be run independently from other one. Only Integration part (M3) needs to wait that Medtronic project is finished.

Milestone 1 - Prepare classes for CGMS decoding, and start decoding - 1.4.2019

Milestone 2 - Finalize decoding and reading from pump - 1.6.2019

Milestone 3 - Integrate into AAPS - 1.7.2019

Milestone 3 - Finalize CGMS integration - 1.8.2019

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