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config: Don't call sys.exit in interactive mode in run()

The run() method in used to call sys.exit() when the
simulator exits. This is undesirable when user has requested the
simulator to be run in interactive mode since it causes the simulator
to exit rather than entering the interactive Python environment.
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andysan committed Feb 10, 2013
1 parent 87ea04a commit 6155400421a478ddb23e377acd6c8db5a32ee468
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@@ -507,4 +507,5 @@ def run(options, root, testsys, cpu_class):
if options.checkpoint_at_end:
m5.checkpoint(joinpath(cptdir, "cpt.%d"))
- sys.exit(exit_event.getCode())
+ if not m5.options.interactive:
+ sys.exit(exit_event.getCode())

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