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scons: Don't explicitly add tcmalloc_minimal

SCons automatically adds a library to LIBS if conf.CheckLib succeeds,
so there is no need to explicitly add the library.
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commit b33342c45f1e10bdce857355a7635d7da3972114 1 parent c810a18
@andysan authored
Showing with 1 addition and 7 deletions.
  1. +1 −7 SConstruct
8 SConstruct
@@ -911,10 +911,7 @@ have_posix_clock = \
conf.CheckLibWithHeader('rt', 'time.h', 'C',
-if conf.CheckLib('tcmalloc_minimal'):
- have_tcmalloc = True
- have_tcmalloc = False
+if not conf.CheckLib('tcmalloc_minimal'):
print termcap.Yellow + termcap.Bold + \
"You can get a 12% performance improvement by installing tcmalloc "\
"(libgoogle-perftools-dev package on Ubuntu or RedHat)." + \
@@ -1196,9 +1193,6 @@ for variant_path in variant_paths:
if env['USE_SSE2']:
- if have_tcmalloc:
- env.Append(LIBS=['tcmalloc_minimal'])
# The src/SConscript file sets up the build rules in 'env' according
# to the configured variables. It returns a list of environments,
# one for each variant build (debug, opt, etc.)
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