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****** Release of sane-backends 1.0.19. End of code freeze ******
2008-02-10 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* correct DISTFILES
*, configure: alpha sort backend names
* backend/ correct/sort DISTFILES and .la: targets
* include/ correct/sort SANE_INCLUDES
* doc/releases.txt: minor updates
2008-02-10 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* config.guess, config.sub: updated to latest versions
*, configure: updated sane version number
* doc/releases.txt: minor updates
* sane-backends.lsm: updated maintainer and keyword info
* NEWS: added last 18+ months of updates to 1.0.19 section
2008-02-09 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* backend/hpljm1005.c, doc/descriptions/hpljm1005.desc:
add usb ID for LaserJet M1120
2008-02-09 Rene Rebe <>
* backend/ fixed device list matching for entries
with partial matches on USB ID, but vendor / product string
matches as mostly only the HP5300 vs. HP5370, fixed non-color
calibration for devices not filling all RGB fields of calibration
format information, do not send 3x3 color matrix to older devices
(ASIC versions) as some HP53xx does not correctly handle it,
improved calibration accuracy and fixed transparency adapter
detection to not use non-zero as present, but just 1 (some
devices now set 0xff as (-1) - not present ...
2008-02-07 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* backend/hpljm1005.c, doc/descriptions/hpljm1005.desc:
add usb ID for LaserJet M1120n
* doc/descriptions-external/brother2.desc: add usb ID for DCP-120C
2008-02-03 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* backend/hpljm1005.c: better sane_cancel handling
* backend/agfafocus.c backend/coolscan.c, backend/coolscan2.c,
backend/hpljm1005.c, backend/ibm.c, backend/lexmark_low.c,
backend/microtek.c, backend/microtek2.c, backend/nec.c, backend/pie.c,
backend/ricoh.c, backend/s9036.c, backend/st400.c, backend/umax.c:
reduce gcc pedantic/ansi warnings from 690 to 280 lines, mostly
via casts in str*() calls.
2008-02-03 Mattias Ellert <>
*, */, tools/
Fix warnings about ignored --datarootdir
* backend/hp5590_low.c: Fix incompatible pointer type warning
* backend/genesys_gl646.c: Fix incompatible pointer type warning
* backend/dc25.c, backend/coolscan2.c, backend/epson2.c,
backend/epson2-commands.c, backend/epson2-io.c, backend/epson2_net.c,
backend/genesys.c, backend/genesys_gl841.c, backend/hp3900_usb.c,
backend/lexmark_low.c, backend/plustek-usbhw.c, backend/sm3840.c:
Fix format warnings
* backend/pixma.c: Add missing #include
2008-02-02 Mattias Ellert <>
* configure,, include/sane/,
backend/hp3900_debug.c: make tiffio.h optional
* backend/ remove sanei_config2 from epjitsu deps
* backend/epson2.c, backend/hpljm1005.c: add missing #includes
2008-02-01 Gerhard Jaeger <>
* po/ renamed to sane-backends.nb.po
* po/ norwegian bokmål locale is nb and not no
2008-01-30 Mattias Ellert <>
* backend/pixma.c: Fix initialization of the reader taskid
2008-01-30 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* backend/hpljm1005.c: call sane_get_devices if required
2008-01-29 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* backend/snapscan.c: fix bug #310538
* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: add Canon LiDE 600F
2008-01-23 Alessandro Zummo <>
* doc/descriptions/epson2.desc: cloned from epson.desc with
minor modifications.
2008-01-22 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* backend/hpljm1005.c, doc/descriptions-external/hpljm1005.desc:
Update backend with DBG macro calls, remove external .desc file,
from author- couriousous at mandriva dot org
* backend/fujitsu.c: disable compression option arg until sane 1.1.0
* doc/descriptions/dell1600n_net|hp3500|pixma.desc: remove 'new' flag
2008-01-17 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* backend/hpljm1005.c, doc/descriptions/hpljm1005.desc,
doc/, AUTHORS, configure,,
backend/, backend/, doc/,
doc/ add hpljm1005 backend, couriousous at mandriva dot org
* tools/check-po.awk, po/ updates from
2008-01-16 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* po/ updated translation from Yann E. MORIN
* backend/fujitsu.c, backend/,
doc/descriptions/fujitsu.desc: add usb id for S500M
2008-01-16 Jonathan Bravo Lopez <>
* backend/hp3900_usb.c: fixed compilation warning related
to an argument type in Read_Bulk function.
2008-01-14 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* tools/check-po.awk: support different use of 'fuzzy'
* po/ updated translation
both updates from Yann E. MORIN
2008-01-09 Gerard Klaver <gerard at gkall dot hobby dot nl>
* backend/teco2.c changed routine teco_request_sens
add init value to size (bugreport
2008-01-09 Alessandro Zummo <>
* changed functions prefix (esci_ for device commands,
e2_ for driver's functions), better handling of tpu area,
fixed tpu detection, changed freeing of line buffers,
fixed some XXXs.
2008-01-09 Alessandro Zummo <>
* sanei_tcp.c, fix compilation with cygwin.
2008-01-02 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* AUTHORS, configure,, backend/,
backend/, backend/hs2p-saneopts.h,
backend/hs2p-scsi.c, backend/hs2p-scsi.h, backend/hs2p.c
backend/, backend/hs2p.h doc/,
doc/, doc/, doc/descriptions/hs2p.desc:
add hs2p backend for jazz_johnson a t verizon d o t net
2007-12-29 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* backend/epjitsu.c: let io_error fall thru usb command function
* backend/ use @DATADIR@ for holding firmware
* backend/ add epjitsu to FIRMWARE_DIRS
2007-12-29 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* include/sane/sane.h, frontend/scanimage.c, backend/fujitsu.[ch]:
commented/removed/deactivated all new SANE_FRAME code
2007-12-26 Alessandro Zummo <>
* backend/epson2.c: added network scanner autodiscovery
2007-12-26 Alessandro Zummo <>
* sanei/sanei_udp.c: added udp support functions
2007-12-24 Julien Blache <>
*, configure: Do not build plustek_pp on Hurd. Patch
from Samuel Thibault <>. Add missing
closing paren to error message.
2007-12-21 Jonathan Bravo Lopez <>
* backend/hp3900.c, backend/hp3900_rts8822.c: Fixed bug which made
slide/negative scans unusable.
* backend/hp3900_config.c: Changed area constrains of slide/negative scans.
2007-12-19 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* backend/epjitsu.c: backend v1.0.10, fix missing function
2007-12-19 Jonathan Bravo Lopez <>
* po/ Updated translation.
* tools/check-usb-chip.c: fixed compilation warning and "RTS8822L-01H"
strings renamed to "RTS8822"
2007-12-19 Mattias Ellert <>
* po/, po/sane-backends.*.po: New translation keys for
hp3900 backend. Updated Swedish translation.
2007-12-17 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* backend/epjitsu*, backend/, backend/,
doc/, doc/, doc/,
doc/descriptions/epjitsu.desc, configure,, AUTHORS:
add backend for Epson-based Fujitsu scanners (fi-60F and S300)
2007-12-17 Gerhard Jaeger <>
* backend/plustek-usb.[ch] backend/plustek-usbcal.c backend/plustek-usbimg.c
backend/plustek-usbio.c backend/plustek-usbshading.c: Fixed ARM/Xscale
* backend/plustek.c: Bumped build number
* doc/plustek/Plustek-USB-TODO.txt doc/plustek/Plustek-USB.changes: Update
2007-12-15 Alessandro Zummo <>
* backend/epson2.c: fixed model detection,
depth detection and removed some unused
2007-12-13 Jonathan Bravo Lopez <>
* Added files for 'hp3900' backend which supports
HP Scanjet 3800/3970/4070/4370/G3010
* doc/descriptions-external/hp3900.desc: moved to doc/descriptions
2007-12-10 Alessandro Zummo <>
* backend/epson2.c: use epson2_model where possible,
fixed segmentation fault.
2007-12-08 Giuseppe Sacco <>
* Added esperanto translation, per Antonio Codazzi.
2007-11-23 Gerhard Jaeger <>
* po/sane-backends.*.po: Update
* backend/plustek-usb.[ch] backend/plustek-usbcal.c
backend/plustek-usbdevs.c backend/plustek.[ch]:
Tweaked TravelScan464 settings. Improved AFE gain calculation
for CIS devices. This should avoid stripes in the scanned images.
* doc/ doc/plustek/Plustek-USB.changes: Update
2007-11-22 Pierre Willenbrock <>
* backend/genesys.c, backend/genesys_devices.c,
backend/genesys_low.h, backend/genesys_gl646.c,
backend/genesys_gl841.c: add infrastructure for multiple motor
power modes
2007-11-21 Pierre Willenbrock <>
* backend/genesys_gl841.c: add internal flag for disabling lamp
during scan(useful for black level calibration)
2007-11-18 Mattias Ellert <>
* backend/mustek.c: Add protection for a double free (#306775)
* backend/agfafocus.c, backend/artec_eplus48u.c, backend/avision.c,
backend/coolscan.c, backend/hp3500.c, backend/microtek2.c,
backend/mustek.c, backend/pie.c, backend/pixma.c, backend/plustek.c,
backend/plustek_pp.c, backend/snapscan.c, backend/sp15c.c,
backend/tamarack.c, backend/test.c, backend/u12.c, backend/umax.c:
Fix handling of valid "negative" PIDs.
2007-11-18 Alessandro Zummo <>
* backend/epson2.c: removed quick-format option. it's
the job of a frontend to provide such a commodity.
removed confusing parameters (preview-speed, speed).
when a preview is requested, the scanner will be
set to high speed (if possible).
removed references to the never implemented zoom function.
the function that shortened the list was actually
missing the first entry.
more resolutions addedd for networked scanners.
added support for Perfection 4990 (Claus Boje).
2007-11-17 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* backend/fujitsu.c, backend/,
doc/descriptions/fujitsu.desc: add usb id for S510
2007-11-17 Rene Rebe <>
* backend/avision.[ch]:
Implemented support for latest Avision ASICs and features,
including overscan, background raster, software scaling for
cheaper ASICs used in HP scanners. Changed types used to
more portable uint* ones, without underscore (_), removed
in-file ChangeLog history, as the files became big enough.
Implemented early calibration for easier handling of
Avision-based film scanners and implemented support for
2-pass duplex scanners.
2007-11-16 Mattias Ellert <>
* include/sane/sanei_thread.h, include/sane/sanei_usb.h:
Fixing doxygen warnings.
2007-11-16 Gerhard Jaeger <>
* backend/plustek-usb.[ch] backend/plustek-usbcal.c
backend/plustek-usbdevs.c backend/plustek-usbshading.c
backend/plustek.[ch] backend/
Tweaked TravelScan464 settings. Added possibility to disable
dark-calibration with lamp on (touches devices like CanoScan1220 etc.)
Use attribute packed for data access structs
* doc/ doc/plustek/Plustek-USB.changes: Update
* include/sane/sanei_usb.h sanei/sanei_usb.c: Added function
sanei_usb_get_descriptor() to retrieve some infos about a connected
2007-11-16 Mattias Ellert <>
* backend/artec_eplus48u.c, backend/coolscan.c, backend/mustek.c,
backend/pie.c, backend/plustek.c, backend/plustek_pp.c,
backend/snapscan.c, backend/test.c, backend/u12.c, backend/umax.c:
Correct the test of the return value from sanei_thread_begin.
2007-11-12 Julien Blache <>
* doc/descriptions-external/epkowa.desc: Update epkowa.desc for
iScan! 2.10.0. Patch provided by Olaf Meeuwissen.
2007-11-11 Pierre Willenbrock <>
* backend/genesys_gl841.c: add check for low brightness
2007-11-11 Pierre Willenbrock <>
* backend/genesys.c, backend/genesys_gl646.c,
backend/genesys_gl841.c, backend/genesys_low.h: change
bulk_write_register to take number of registers instead of
byte size of register set
2007-05-08 Mattias Ellert <>
* acinclude.m4: NSLinkModule is deprecated in favour of dlopen -
only look for NSLinkModule if dlopen is not available
* acinclude.m4, m4/libtool.m4: include libtool.m4 using m4_include
*, m4/libtool.m4: newer versions.
* move the byteorder test to after AC_GNU_SOURCE et al.
to avoid warnings when running autoconf,
add a check for IOKit/scsi/SCSICommandOperationCodes.h,
add a check for SCSITaskSGElement (for darwin 64 bit support)
* doc/, tools/ disable things that need the
built binaries to run when doing cross-compilations
* sanei/sanei_scsi.c: IOKit/scsi-commands has moved to IOKit/scsi -
support both locations of headers, use SCSITaskSGElement if available
* aclocal.m4, config.guess, config.sub, configure,
include/sane/ update autogenerated files
* backends/ remove sanei_config2 from cardscan deps
* backends/dll.c: add MacOS X naming convention for dlopen
* tools/sane-find-scanner.c: IOKit/scsi-commands has moved to
IOKit/scsi - support both locations of headers, fix some warnings
2007-11-08 Gerhard Jaeger <>
* doc/plustek/Plustek-USB.changes doc/ Update
* backend/plustek.c: Bumped build number
* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Updated some entries
* backend/plustek-usb.c backend/plustek-usbimg.c backend/plustek-usbmap.c
backend/plustek-usbscan.c backend/plustek-usbshading.c: Fixed copyright
* backend/plustek-usb.h backend/plustek-usbdevs.c
doc/descriptions/plustek.desc: Added support for TravelScan464
2007-10-28 Julien Blache <>
* doc/descriptions/epson.desc: Added the Epson DX-6000 (04b8:082e)
based on user report.
2007-10-27 Julien Blache <>
* backend/net.c: Fix IPv4 legacy code after last changes to the
net backend on 2007-10-24.
2007-10-26 Julien Blache <>
* backend/abaton.c, backend/agfafocus.c, backend/apple.c,
backend/artec.c, backend/canon.c, backend/cardscan.c,
backend/coolscan.c, backend/epson.c, backend/epson2.c,
backend/fujitsu.c, backend/hp3500.c, backend/ibm.c,
backend/pint.c, backend/ricoh.c, backend/s9036.c,
backend/sm3600.c, backend/sp15c.c, backend/tamarack.c:
OPT_NUM_OPTS must be of type SANE_TYPE_INT.
2007-10-25 Pierre Willenbrock <>
* backend/genesys.c: Removed some more hardcoded
2007-10-25 Julien Blache <>
* sanei/sanei_ab306.c: Fix boundary checking after the for() loop
in sanei_ab306_open(). From Johannes Meixner at SuSE.
* backend/as6e.c: Fix strncpy()/strncat() usage in
check_for_driver(). From Johannes Meixner at SuSE.
2007-10-25 Pierre Willenbrock <>
* backend/genesys_gl841.c: Hopefully removed the remaining hardcoded
2007-10-25 Pierre Willenbrock <>
* backend/genesys_gl841.c: One more instance of
sizeof(Genesys_Register_Set) vs 2
* backend/genesys.c: Add check for small register set in
2007-10-24 Julien Blache <>
* backends/net.c: Add an optional connection timeout for the
initial connection to saned. Based on a patch from Ryan Duryea
<>. Bump net backend version to 1.0.14.
* backends/ Add the new connect_timeout option and
adjust comments accordingly.
* doc/ Document the connect_timeout option and the
SANE_NET_TIMEOUT environment variable.
2007-10-19 Stephane Voltz <>
* tools/check-usb-chip.c: added detection of rts8801 and
rts8891 ASICs
2007-10-13 Pierre Willenbrock <>
* backend/genesys_gl841.c backend/genesys_gl646.c: use
sizeof(Genesys_Register_Set) instead of 2
2007-10-07 Bertrik Sikken <>
* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: updated with info from
'FormularDaten' e-mails up to 2007/9/29
2007-10-02 Julien Blache <>
* doc/descriptions-external/brother2.desc: add DCP-117C USB IDs
and mark support as good, based on user report.
2007-10-01 Stephane Voltz <>
* backend/lexmark.c backend/lexmark_low.c:
fixed compilation warnings
2007-10-01 Stephane Voltz <>
* doc/ doc/descriptions/lexmark.desc
backend/ backend/lexmark.c backend/lexmark_low.c
backend/lexmark_sensors.c backend/lexmark_models.c
moved experimental version to current tree
2007-10-01 Stephane Voltz <>
* doc/ doc/descriptions/umax_pp.desc:
added Genius ColorPage-Life Pro as supported scanner
by the umax_pp backend
2007-09-28 Bertrik Sikken <>
* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: updated with info from
'FormularDaten' e-mails from 2007/7/3 to 2007/7/30
2007-09-27 Julien Blache <>
* doc/backend-writing.txt: fix typos, patch from
2007-09-26 Julien Blache <>
* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added pointer to for the Panasonic KV-SS905C and
Panasonic KV-S3105C scanners (note that the non-SANE driver at
that URL supports other scanners of the KV-SS905C family).
2007-09-25 Bertrik Sikken <>
* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: updated with info from
'FormularDaten' e-mails from 2007/5/1 to 2007/6/24
2007-09-23 Bertrik Sikken <>
* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: updated with info from
'FormularDaten' e-mails from 2007/2/11 to 2007/4/30
2007-09-17 Gerhard Jaeger <>
* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: #305009 removed UMAX3400, as it is
supported by the Plustek backend
2007-08-28 Giuseppe Sacco <>
* Italian translation update
* Corrected a typo in backend/canon.c
2007-08-27 Stephane Voltz <>
* backend/genesys.h backend/genesys_gl841.c backend/genesys_low.h
backend/umax_pp.c backend/umax_pp.h backend/umax_pp_mid.c
backend/umax_pp.h AUTHORS doc/ doc/
mail address update, minor man update
2007-08-26 Stephane Voltz <>
* backend/genesys.c backend/genesys_gl646.c backend/genesys_devices.c:
HP2400 warmup fix by Luke
2007-08-19 Henning Geinitz <>
* backend/gt68xx.c backend/ backend/gt68xx_devices.c
backend/gt68xx_generic.c backend/gt68xx_gt6801.c
backend/gt68xx_gt6816.c backend/gt68xx_high.c
backend/gt68xx_high.h backend/gt68xx_low.c backend/gt68xx_low.h
backend/gt68xx_mid.c doc/
doc/descriptions/gt68xx.desc doc/gt68xx/gt68xx.CHANGES: Added
Artec Ultima 2000 e+, Nortek Myscan 1200, NeatReceipts Scanalizer
Professional, Genius Colorpage Slim-1200. Name and email
address changes.
* AUTHORS: Name and email address change.
2007-08-18 Julien Blache <>
* doc/descriptions/epson.desc: Added Stylus CX-5000 (04b8:082b).
* backend/epson_usb.c: Added various USB IDs for CX-6000, DX-5050,
DX-5000, CX-5000, DX-4050.
2007-08-12 Henning Geinitz <>
* doc/descriptions-external/hpljm1005.desc: Added.
2007-08-08 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* frontend/scanimage.c: bugfix: dont round up negative user values
* doc/descriptions/fujitsu.desc: add/consolidate new models
2007-08-03 Julien Blache <>
* doc/descriptions/epson.desc: add the Epson Stylus Photo RX-700
(04b8:0810), based on user report. Add the Epson Stylus CX-6600
(04b8:0813), based on user report.
2007-07-26 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* frontend/scanimage.c: add default: blocks to FRAME switch code
* backend/fujitsu.[ch]: update to version 1.0.52:
- remove unused jpeg function
- reactivate look-up-table based brightness and contrast options
- change range of hardware brightness/contrast to match LUT versions
- call send_lut() from sane_control_option instead of sane_start
2007-07-31 Julien Blache <>
* doc/descriptions/epson.desc: add the Epson Stylys DX-5050
2007-07-30 Julien Blache <>
* doc/descriptions/epson.desc: add the Epson Stylus DX-4050
(04b8:082f), based on several reports. Add the Epson Stylus
DX-5000 (04b8:082b) on the same grounds.
* backend/canon.c: apply patch from Nils Philippsen, turning
3 logical AND into bitwise AND (SANE bug #304363).
2007-07-29 Julien Blache <>
* tools/sane-desc.c: Add a RUN rule to the udev rules to
automatically disable USB suspend for all known scanners.
Works only with kernels >= 2.6.22 where
/sys/bus/usb/devices/*/power/level exists.
2007-07-26 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* backend/fujitsu.c: update to version 1.0.51, fix bug in jpeg code
2007-07-26 Julien Blache <>
* tools/sane-desc.c: revert my last commit and rework the one
before to produce a backward compatible udev rules file. Yay.
2007-07-26 Gerhard Jaeger <>
* doc/plustek/Plustek-USB.changes: Update
* backend/plustek.c: Bumped build number
* backend/plustek-usbhw.c: Force output bit set on misc I/O,
when lamp is switched
* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Updated some Plustek entries
2007-07-25 Julien Blache <>
* tools/sane-desc.c: Update udev rules for use with Linux >=
2007-07-20 Wittawat Yamwong <>
* backend/pixma.c backend/pixma.h backend/pixma_mp150.c
doc/ doc/descriptions/pixma.desc:
upgraded to version 0.13.1
added PIXMA MP960
2007-07-15 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* doc/descriptions/fujitsu.desc, doc/
update website and fi-60F status
* Authors, backend/ added cardscan backend
2007-07-14 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* doc/,doc/,doc/descriptions/cardscan.desc,
add new v1.0.0 backend for Corex CardScan 800c
2007-07-14 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* doc/ add more known models, fix bug #304450
* backend/ does not use sanei_thread.lo
2007-07-11 Gerhard Jaeger <>
* tools/check-usb-chip.c: Try to distinguish the various
GenesysLogic GeneScan ASICS - GL841, GL842 and GL843
2007-07-10 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* backend/fujitsu.[ch], backend/fujitsu-scsi.h: update to v1.0.50,
add JPEG support, usb command sending and scan params cleanups
* include/sane/sane.h: add SANE_FRAME_JPEG
* frontend/scanimage.c: dont crash on unknown frame types
2007-07-10 Gerhard Jaeger <>
* doc/descriptions/plustek.desc: Fixed web entries
* backend/plustek-usb.h backend/plustek-usbdevs.c backend/plustek.c:
Added flag to allow only 1- and 8-bit scanmodes. The Q-Scan does
not seem to support 14-bit modes.
2007-06-29 Gerhard Jaeger <>
* backend/plustek-usb*.[ch] backend/plustek.[ch]:
Added sheetfed device Q-Scan USB001 from Portable Peripherals
Fixed Mustek Bearpaw and made some speedup (bugreports #304343 and
Fixed calibration for senororders other that RGB
* doc/descriptions/plustek.desc: Bumped version and added Q-Scan
* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Removed Q-Scan
* doc/ doc/plustek/Plustek-USB.changes: Update
2007-06-28 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* backend/fujitsu.c: update to v1.0.49, fi-5750C usb ID and color mode
* backend/ add fi-5750C
* doc/descriptions/fujitsu.desc: bump version, add fi-5750C and S510
2007-06-21 Julien Blache <>
* sanei/sanei_scsi.c: Switch sanei_scsi to the SG_IO ioctl
interface, instead of the asynchronous SG3 read/write interface.
Makes it possible to use SCSI scanners in 32/64bit mixed
environments, thanks to the ioctl 32bit compatibility layer, which
is NOT possible using the SG3 interface.
2007-06-18 Gerhard Jaeger <>
* doc/plustek/Plustek-PARPORT.changes: Update.
* backend/plustek_pp.c: Bumped build number.
* backend/plustek-pp_drv.c backend/plustek_pp_sysdep.h:
Make the Kernelmodule work with Kernels > 2.6.15 w/o DEVFS
2007-06-12 Ilia Sotnikov <>
* Use libtool instead of ar/ranlib, which correctly handles dependencies
(eg. for parallel makes)
2007-05-08 Mattias Ellert <>
* po/, po/sane-backends.*.po: New translation keys for
hp3500 and hp5590 backends. Updated Swedish translation.
* backend/hp5590.c: Do not localize option names
2007-04-29 Ilia Sotnikov <>
* backend/hp5590_low.c: don't use libusb structs directly, define
necessary of them by ourselves ('struct usb_ctrl_setup' -> 'struct
* backend/hp5590_low.c: renamed 'struct usb_bulk_setup' to 'struct
usb_in_usb_bulk_setup' to show its internal usage
2007-04-24 Ilia Sotnikov <>
+ configure: added check for <netinet/in.h> header
+ Added files for 'hp5590' backend which supports
HP ScanJet 5550/5590/7650 scanners
+ tools/check-usb-chip.c: added HP ScanJet 5550/5590/7650 detection
2007-04-21 Troy Rollo <>
* backend/hp3500.c: Improve speed and reduce noise of most
resolutions; deal with an escape code discovered in the scanner's
protocol; use hardware detailed calibrations for resolutions up to
300; use improved software detailed calibration for other
resolutions; ddd more debug information; drop the 25dpi
resolution; make 200dpi the default (the same as the Windows
frontend; Add code (not used yet) to deal partially with grayscale
and lineart scanning; use I18N strings where appropriate.
2007-04-21 Mattias Ellert <>
* doc/descriptions-external/hp5590.desc,
Added description for new external backend hp5590
2007-04-21 Julien Blache <>
* backend/epson.c: remove bogus check in
get_identity2_information(), causing the identification of various
Stylus CX5xxx models (among others) to fail. Olaf Meeuwissen from
Epson confirmed the check was bogus.
2007-04-17 Julien Blache <>
* backend/microtek.c: add missing braces.
* tools/sane-desc.c: use mode 0664 for usbfs device nodes; allows
lsusb to still work for everybody on the system.
2007-04-13 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* backend/fujitsu.c: update to v1.0.48, re-enable
brightness/contrast for models with built-in support
2007-04-15 Wittawat Yamwong <>
* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Remove Canon PIXMA MP160 and
Canon PIXMA MP600 (now supported by pixma backend)
2007-04-13 Mattias Ellert <>
* doc/descriptions-external/hp3900.desc,
Moved 3 scanners from unsupported to hp3900
2007-04-13 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* backend/fujitsu.[ch]| update to v1.0.47,
change gamma determination, add support/usbid for fi-5650C
* doc/descriptions/fujitsu.desc: version number update
* tools/hal/.cvsignore: ignore .fdi file
2007-04-09 Wittawat Yamwong <>
* backend/pixma*.[ch] doc/ doc/descriptions/pixma.desc:
Updated to version 0.13.0
Added MP160, MP180, MP460, MP510 and MP600
Fixed a buffer-overflow bug in sane_read()
2007-04-5 Jochen Eisinger <>
* README.openbsd, tools/README, tools/openbsd/attach,
tools/openbsd/detach: add notes about device permissions on
OpenBSD and provide some example scripts for hotplugd(8).
2007-03-02 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* doc/sane.tex: update to 1.05, fix description of SANE_Parameters,
from <dtlinker a t comcast d o t net>
2007-03-21 Julien Blache <>
* tools/ Remove leftovers from a previous experiment.
2007-03-18 Julien Blache <>
* tools/hal: New directory.
* tools/ Add rules to build hal/10-libsane.fdi.
* tools/sane-desc.c: Add output mode 'hal', from David Zeuthen <>.
2007-03-17 Oliver Rauch <>
* Bug #303752: Maybe faulty icc-profile-file length detection:
corrected icc profile length calculation
2007-03-08 Earle F. Philhower, III <>
* backend/sm3840*.[ch]: Add 1-bpp modes (lineart, halftone)
* doc/ Add 1-bpp mode options
2007-03-05 Gerhard Jaeger <>
* doc/plustek/Plustek-USB.changes: Update.
* backend/plustek.c: Bumped build number.
* backend/plustek-usb.c: Fixed typo.
* backend/plustek-usbdevs.c: Added CanoScan to all Canon
device strings, identified one more Plustek device as U24.
* backend/plustek-usbhw.c: Fixed button handling for Plustek/
KYE devices and added some more debug messages.
2007-02-24 Giuseppe Sacco <>
* Italian translation update
* Second Italian translation update
2007-02-11 Jochen Eisinger <>
* doc/ clean up markup, bug #304392
2007-02-11 Henning Meier-Geinitz <>
* po/ Polish translation fix (from Jakub
Bogusz <qboosh at>, bug #304410).
2007-02-07 Gerhard Jaeger <>
* sanei/sanei_scsi.c: Fixed retrieval of HZ.
2007-01-28 Henning Meier-Geinitz <>
* backend/gt68xx.c backend/gt68xx_devices.c
doc/descriptions/gt68xx.desc doc/gt68xx/gt68xx.CHANGES: Added
.conf entry for Pluste OpticPro S12 and S24. Updated .desc
* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added UMAX Astra 2850. Added
Canon Imagerunner series.
2007-01-28 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* backend/fujitsu.[ch]: update to v1.0.45,
update overscan code to extend max scan area
* doc/descriptions/fujitsu.desc: version number update
2007-01-27 oliver rauch <>
* backend/umax.c
removed bug in highlight blue using green value
* doc/umax/umax.CHANGES
2007-01-26 m. allan noah <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>
* AUTHORS, doc/, backend/,
backend/fujitsu.c: updated email address
* backend/fujitsu-scsi.h, backend/fujitsu.[ch]: update to v1.0.44,
set SANE_CAP_HARD_SELECT on all buttons/sensors.
disable sending gamma LUT, quality errors reported.
support MS overscan.
clamp the scan area to the pagesize on ADF.
* doc/descriptions/fujitsu.desc: version number update
2006-01-21 Jochen Eisinger <>
* doc/descriptions/mustek_pp.desc: Cybercom is a CIS scanner
2007-01-20 Mattias Ellert <>
* backend/canon.c, backend/canon-sane.c:
Fixed the "three-valued boolean" bug
2007-01-20 Alessandro Zummo <>
* sanei/sanei_tcp.c: added a missing include
* backend/epson2.c: fixed a bug while moving scanner data,
removed support for line mode (block or ext modes will be used).
2007-01-20 Mattias Ellert <>
* acinclude.m4, aclocal.m4, configure, include/sane/
Fix autogenerated files
* backend/canon.c, backend/epson.c, backend/epson2.c:
String harmonization
* po/, po/sane-backends.*.po:
New translation keys from canon and epson2 backends
Updated Swedish translation
* backend/dll.c, backend/microtek.c, backend/umax1220.c,
sanei/sanei_wire.c: Fixing compiler warnings
2007-01-19 Mattias Ellert <>
* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added Visioneer Strobe Pro USB
2007-01-15 Henning Meier-Geinitz <>
* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added and updated several
2007-01-08 Julien Blache <>
* doc: fix man warnings.
* backend/microtek2.c: add missing return status check in
sane_start(), preventing an ugly segfault later on.
2006-12-18 Alessandro Zummo <>
* epson2: restructured code once more, splitted
in multiple files, added networking
support, added FS G extended handshaking mode,
make proper use of extended commands when possible
* sanei/sanei_tcp.c: read now wait until all
the requested data is available.
2006-12-13 Alessandro Zummo <>
* coolscan2: fixed coolscan2 infrared to work
as advertised in the man page. RGBA format
will come soon.
2006-12-12 Alessandro Zummo <>
* epson2: removed calls to alloca(), code reorganization
fixed a bug with request_extended_status (reply
length is 33 on older scanners).
* include/.cvsignore: added two more entries
2006-12-10 Pierre Willenbrock <>
* backend/genesys_devices.c: reduced height of calibration area
* backend/genesys_gl841.c: fixed bug in offset calibration(offset
values were not clamped to 0..255)
2006-12-10 Ulrich Deiters <>
* canon: disentangled some pointer arithmetics in canon-sane.c
2006-12-07 Alessandro Zummo <>
* epson2: reordered includes, replaced __FUNCTION__,
use the new byteorder macros
* moved acbyteorder.m4 to m4/byteorder.m4,
added m4/stdint.m4
2006-12-06 Alessandro Zummo <>
* Added acbyteorder.m4 macro for endianness conversion
2006-12-02 Pierre Willenbrock <>
* backend/genesys_devices.c: fixed gamma settings(1.0 now)
* backend/genesys.c backend/genesys_gl841.c: improved calibration
for dark shades
2006-12-02 Alessandro Zummo <>
* Added missing bits for epson2 driver.
2006-12-01 Alessandro Zummo <>
* Added (experimental) epson2 driver.
2006-12-01 Alessandro Zummo <>
* Added sanei_tcp interface.
2006-11-27 Henning Meier-Geinitz <>
* doc/descriptions-external/samsung.desc: SCX-4200 is reported to work.
2006-11-22 Gerhard Jaeger <>
* doc/plustek/Plustek-USB.changes: update.
* backend/plustek.c: bumped build number, fixed option
descriptors, see bug #303786.
2006-11-22 Henning Meier-Geinitz <>
* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added several scanners, fixed
the USB id for Microtek 4850 (bug #304151).
* doc/descriptions/umax1220u.desc: Updated status of UMAX 2000.
* doc/descriptions-external/brother2.desc: Updated status of
Brother MFC-7420.
2006-11-06 m. allan noah <anoah AT pfeiffer DOT edu>
* doc/descriptions-external/epkowa.desc: backend v2.3.0
2006-10-31 Henning Meier-Geinitz <>
* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added HP Photosmart C5100 and
ScanJet 8390.
* doc/descriptions-external/hpoj.desc: Project is unmaintained.
2006-10-24 Henning Meier-Geinitz <>
* po/ Major bugfix and few small changes
(noticed by Jaroslaw Gorny) (bug #303962).
* po/ Updated (from Jonathan Bravo Lopez
<jkdsoft at>).
* doc/descriptions-external/hp3900.desc
doc/descriptions-external/samsung.desc: Updated based on
sane-devel information.
* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added Canon Canoscan 4400F,
LiDE 70, Corex Cardscan 700 C, Umax Astra 4900, Visioneer
Onetouch 7700. Updated other scanners.
2006-10-03 Henning Meier-Geinitz <>
* doc/descriptions-external/hp3900.desc: Changed status of HP
Scanjet 4370 to "minimal" (bug #303839).
* doc/ frontend/scanimage.c: Added examples on how to
set the scan area in the manual page (bug #303802). Mention how
to separate parameters from options in --help and manpage (bug
* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added EDT BizCardReader
900C. Moved Genius ColorPage-SF600 to gt68xx.desc. Minor
* backend/gt68xx.c backend/gt68xx_devices.c
doc/descriptions/gt68xx.desc doc/gt68xx/gt68xx.CHANGES: Added
Support for Genius Colorpage SF600.
2006-09-24 Giuseppe Sacco <>
* Updated italian translation
2006-09-18 m. allan noah <anoah AT pfeiffer DOT edu>
* backend/fujitsu.[ch], backend/fujitsu-scsi.h: update to v1.0.43,
add model-specific code to init_vpd for M3099, clean some noise
* doc/descriptions/fujitsu.desc: version number update
2006-09-18 Stephane Voltz <>
* backend/umax_pp.c backend/umax_pp_mid.c backend/umax_pp.c_low:
color calibration fix. Mail address update.
2006-09-14 Henning Meier-Geinitz <>
* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc
doc/descriptions-external/hpaio.desc: Added several scanners.
* po/ Updated Polish translation (from Jakub
Bogusz, bug #303769).
2006-08-31 Oliver Schwartz <>
* backend/snapscan-scsi.c: Bugfix for firmware download
from Paul Smedley
2006-08-31 m. allan noah <anoah AT pfeiffer DOT edu>
* backend/fujitsu.c: update to v1.0.42,
fix bug in get_hardware_status (#303798)
* doc/descriptions/fujitsu.desc: version number update
2006-08-29 Gerhard Jaeger <>
* doc/plustek/Plustek-PARPORT.changes: update.
* backend/plustek-pp.h backend/plustek-pp_ptdrv.c backend/plustek_pp.c:
fixed "not homing" problem, the sensor did not return when
the driver gets the _IOCTL_STOP command
fixed compilation issue for kernels > 2.6.15
fixed compiler warning conditions
2006-08-28 m. allan noah <anoah AT pfeiffer DOT edu>
* backend/fujitsu.c backend/fujitsu-scsi.h: update to v1.0.41,
do_usb_cmd() returns io error on cmd/out/status/rs EOF,
fix bug in MS buffer/prepick scsi data block
* doc/descriptions/fujitsu.desc: version number update
2006-08-28 Stephane Voltz <>
* backend/genesys_gl646.c: changes in gl646_init_regs_for_warmup
to add support for HP2400 model.
2006-08-27 Wittawat Yamwong <>
* backend/pixma*.[ch]: update to 0.12.2,
use own error codes e.g. PIXMA_EPROTO instead of EPROTO,
add MP530, MP800R and MP360,
add grayscale mode for MP700 and MP730,
add work-around for lock-up ("hang") problem of MP760 and MP780,
fix line correction (color alignment) for MP760
* doc/ update
* doc/descriptions/pixma.desc: add MP360,MP530 and MP800R product ID
* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: remove Smartbase MP360 (supported
by pixma backend)
2006-08-26 m. allan noah <anoah AT pfeiffer DOT edu>
* backend/fujitsu.[ch] backend/fujitsu-scsi.h: update to v1.0.40,
add 5530C usb id, rewrite brightness/contrast/gamma functions,
do_*_cmd functions handle short reads, updated init functions,
add MS buffer and prepick support for newer scanners
* doc/descriptions/fujitsu.desc backend/
add 5530C usb id, version number update
* doc/descriptions/
note support for newer scanner models
2006-08-22 Karl Heinz Kremer <>
* backend/epson_usb.c: Add product ID for CX3800/3810, V700/V750
2006-06-11 Eddy De Greef <eddy_de_greef at scarlet dot be>
* doc/ URL update.
2006-08-21 Karl Heinz Kremer <>
* backend/epson.c: Fix buffer overflow error (submitted by Johannes Meixner)
2006-08-21 Jon Chambers <>
* TIFF tweaks for pickier libtiff under cygwin
* backend/ remove explicit $(srcdir) path from .conf
source paths to allow support for kdevelop-style build dirs.
* backend/dell1600n_net.c: fix compile warnings
2006-08-12 Jon Chambers <>
* backend/dell1600n_net.c: update for dell1600n_net.conf + reduce memory footprint
* backend/ added
* backend/dell1600n_net.c: update for
2006-08-11 Gerhard Jaeger <>
* doc/plustek/Plustek-USB.changes: update.
* backend/plustek.c: bumped build number.
* backend/plustek-usbdevs.c: lowered speed for LiDE20/30 when
using low resolutions.
* backend/plustek-usb.c: fixed warning condition.
2006-08-09 Stephane Voltz <>
* backend/genesys_gl646.c backend/genesys.c backend/genesys_devices.c:
improved sanei_genesys_search_reference_point to get more reliable
detection for HP2300 and MD6345. Slight tune up for HP2400 model.
2006-08-09 Gerhard Jaeger <>
* doc/plustek/Plustek-PARPORT.changes doc/plustek/Plustek-USB.changes
doc/u12/U12.changes: update.
* backend/artec_eplus48u.c backend/plustek.c backend/plustek_pp.c
backend/u12.c: changed sane.type to "flatbed scanner" only.
* backend/plustek-usbdevs.c: fixed LiDE20/30 motor settings
2006-08-06 Stephane Voltz <>
* backend/genesys_gl646.c backend/genesys.c: fix y scan area offset
detection for HP2300, one more fixe related to bug #303681.
2006-08-01 Henning Meier-Geinitz <>
* doc/descriptions-external/epkowa.desc: Updated info about
plugins and other comments (patch from Olaf Meeuwissen
2006-07-30 Pierre Willenbrock <>
* backend/genesys_gl841.c: use an intermediate u_int8_t buffer
for register write (bug #303681).
2006-07-30 Stephane Voltz <>
* backend/genesys_gl646.c: use an intermediate char buffer
for register bulk write (bug #303681).
2006-07-25 Henning Meier-Geinitz <>
* tools/libtool-get-dll-ext: Fixed compilation problem with newer
tail programs which don't understand "-1" (bug #303630).
2006-07-17 m. allan noah <anoah AT pfeiffer DOT edu>
* backend/fujitsu.c: backend v1.0.39, rewrite contrast slope
code for readability, portability to other table widths
* doc/descriptions/fujitsu.desc: version number update
2006-07-16 Julien Blache <>
* tools/sane-desc.c: split very long comment lines in the
generated udev rules file. Some comment lines very overly long,
and udev produced warning messages while loading the rules file.
2006-07-15 m. allan noah <anoah AT pfeiffer DOT edu>
* backend/fujitsu.c: backend v1.0.38, add 'useless noise'
debug level (35), for mode sense errors
* doc/ minor text changes, add new debug level
* doc/descriptions/fujitsu.desc: version number update
2006-07-14 m. allan noah <anoah AT pfeiffer DOT edu>
* backend/fujitsu.[ch] backend/fujitsu-scsi.h: backend v1.0.37,
add support for mode sense command, use it to detect various
page codes instead of hardcoding. add support for send cmd,
use it to enable 8 or 10 bit LUT for brightness/contrast.
minor global variable and option description cleanups.
* doc/descriptions/fujitsu.desc: version number/status update
2006-07-06 m. allan noah <anoah AT pfeiffer DOT edu>
* backend/fujitsu.[ch]: backend v1.0.36, less verbose debugging,
fi-5900 needs even number of bytes per scanline
* doc/descriptions/fujitsu.desc: version number update
2006-07-05 m. allan noah <anoah AT pfeiffer DOT edu>
* backend/fujitsu.[ch] backend/fujitsu-scsi.h: backend v1.0.35,
allow double feed detection, minor cleanups
* doc/descriptions/fujitsu.desc: version number update
2006-07-04 m. allan noah <anoah AT pfeiffer DOT edu>
* backend/fujitsu.[ch] backend/fujitsu-scsi.h:
update to v1.0.34, add S500 usb id, get more inq and vpd data,
allow background color setting for some scanners
* doc/descriptions/fujitsu.desc: version number update
2006-07-03 Julien Blache <>
* tools/sane-desc.c: Fix a typo in the udev header.
2006-07-03 Henning Meier-Geinitz <>
* configure Changed version to 1.0.18-cvs. Enabled
compilation warnings.
* Added ChangeLog-1.0.18 to DISTFILES.
Older entries can be found in ChangeLog-1.0.18.
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