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2000-03-06 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* configure: New version is 1.0.2.
2000-03-01 Abel Deuring <>
* doc/ fixed an ambiguity and a typo.
2000-02-27 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* backend/v4l*.desc: Changed description from v4l to Video For
* backend/lhii.desc: Updated with URL to LHII drivers home page.
* README.unixware7: Added compile information for SCO UnixWare 7
from Jens Scheithauer.
2000-02-26 Karl Heinz Kremer <>
* doc/ Updated documentation for EPSON
2000-02-26 Chris Pinkham <>
* backend/artec.desc: updated statuses, added link to a webpage for
AS6E parallel models, added manpage info.
2000-02-26 Abel Deuring <>
* Sharp man page updated; man page added to doc/
2000-02-26 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* Don't use -ansi and -pedantic unless
--enable-warnings is used. Warnings are now disabled by default
to prepare for the next release.
2000-02-24 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* tools/sane-desc.el: In backend web page, packends not included
in the distribution have the version number in parentheses.
2000-02-20 Karl Heinz Kremer <
* backend/epson.c: Added some OS/2 compatibility fixes.
2000-02-20 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* sanei/sanei_scsi.c: Make sure the file is valid ANSI C.
* configure: Regenerated based on current
* include/sane/sanei_backend.h: Typedef u_int{8,16,32}_t.
Defining them gave bogus code in <sys/types.h> on Irix 6.5.
* backend/lhii.desc backend/musteka4s2.desc backend/nec.desc
backend/plustek.desc backend/sagitta.desc backend/st400.desc
backend/v4l.desc backend/v4l2.desc: Added info on existing
backends. Placed version number in () to indicate that these
backend are distributed separately.
* backend/sharp.desc backend/pint.desc backend/canon.desc
backend/s9036.desc: Fixed typo and updated with more information.
* AUTHORS: Marked active maintainers with '(*)'.
* sanei/sanei_pio.c: Removed some warnings.
* New flag --enable-warnings to turn on or off more
GCC warnings. Default should be 'on' for development snapshots,
and 'off' for releases.
2000-02-19 Karl Heinz Kremer <>
* backend/epson.*: Updated desc file with new version number and
some more supported scanners.
Removed OPT_PREVIEW_RESOLUTION so that the frontend can handle
the preview resolution.
Changed the OPT_RESOLUTION data from a range to a word list, so
that the frontends can display the correct list of available
2000-02-19 Chris Pinkham <>
* backend/artec.c: Updated backend version to v0.5.13. Corrected
matrix of which features/enhancements should be active for each
scan mode. Fixed bug which causing Contrast to be INactive at
startup instead of Threshold.
* backend/artec.desc: updated backend version information.
2000-02-19 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* sanei/sanei_thread.c include/sane/sanei_thread.h: These files
declares a _proposed_ internal SANE interface. It was proposed by
Yuri Dario to wrap UNIX functions fork(), kill(), waitpid() and
wait(), which are missing or not working on OS/2.
* frontend/saned.c: OS/2 send socket on param list. Patch from
Yuri Dario.
* sanei/os2_srb.h sanei/sanei_scsi.c: Include OS/2 SCSI header file.
* include/sane/sanei_config.h sanei/sanei_config.c: New function
sanei_config_read(). Use this instead of fgets() when reading
config files to remove line ending chars on all known platforms.
Patch from Yuri Dario.
* configure.os2: Updated configure param list from Yuri Dario.
2000-02-19 Oliver Rauch <Oliver.Rauch@Wolfsburg.DE>
* updated umax backend to version 1.0 build 18
for details read backend/umax.CHANGES
2000-02-19 Oliver Rauch <Oliver.Rauch@Wolfsburg.DE>
* corrected spelling error in umax,c (devive -> device)
2000-02-18 Abel Deuring <>
* sharp.c / sharp.h: Options for resolution now conform to
the Sane API; fixed and initialisation bug. Updated backend
version number in sharp.desc.
2000-02-18 Oliver Rauch <Oliver.Rauch@Wolfsburg.DE>
* updated umax backend to 1.0 build 17
(added support for sanei_scsi_open_extended)
for details take a look at backend/umax.CHANGES
2000-02-15 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* backend/tamarack.desc: Updated info on request from Rogier
2000-02-14 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* backend/m3096g-scsi.h backend/sp15c-scsi.h: Make lint_catcher
static to avoid link problems with duplicate symbols.
2000-02-13 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* README.unixware2: Information from Wolfgang Rapp on how to build
SANE on UnixWare 2.
* ltconfig Upgraded to libtool 1.3.4 and added Oliver
Rauch's soname patch.
* backend/hp-accessor.c backend/hp-device.c backend/hp-handle.c
backend/hp-hpmem.c backend/hp-option.c backend/hp-option.h
backend/hp-scl.c backend/hp-scsi.h backend/hp.c backend/hp.desc
backend/hp.h doc/ Updated HP backend to v0.86 from
Peter Kirchgessner. Enable scan depths > 8 and add option
enable-image-buffering to config file.
* AUTHORS: Added author for backend s9036.
* backend/qcam.desc: Updated with more information.
2000-02-11 Chris Pinkham <>
* backend/artec.c backend/artec.h: Updated backend to version 0.5.11.
Removed mono_adjust function which handled bit offset in 1bpp modes,
this is now handled by forcing all scans to be wide enough to fill a
full byte. Reinserted code to set brightness on A6000C model as this
appears to be the only model that accepts that setting. Bug-fixes
for ADF & Transparency option settings.
* backend/artec.desc: updated backend version information.
2000-02-11 Karl Heinz Kremer <>
* backend/epson.c - Fixed default scan source when option equipment
is installed. The default is now always "Flatbed".
2000-02-08 Oliver Rauch <Oliver.Rauch@Wolfsburg.DE>
* Added (again) missing file: doc/sane-logo2.jpg
2000-02-08 Oliver Rauch <Oliver.Rauch@Wolfsburg.DE>
* Added missing umax doc files:
- doc/sane-umax-old-scanners-doc.html
- doc/sane-umax-not-listed-doc.html
- doc/sane-umax-speed-doc.html
* Updated:
- doc/sane-umax-doc.html
- doc/sane-umax-scanners-doc.html
2000-02-08 Matto Marjanovic <>
* backend/microtek.c backend/microtek.h backend/microtek.conf
backend/microtek.desc doc/ Updated microtek
backend to v0.12.0. Changes:
- LUT entry size should match bit depth of scan.
- Free LUT's in sane_close().
- Fixed really dumb type typos in microtek.h.
- Added all "mystery" model codes (and an auto-warning).
- Added all additional document size codes.
- Made function (description) of "scan speed" more obvious.
- Added entries for Color PageWiz.
- Added entries for Agfa DuoScan.
- A few miscellaneous cleanups to quiet gcc warnings.
2000-02-07 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* frontend/saned.c sanei/sanei_pio.c sanei/sanei_scsi.c: Some OS/2
patches from Yuri Dario.
* frontend/scanimage.c: Avoid sprintf("%s", NULL). Bugreport and
fix from Yuri Dario.
2000-02-06 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* configure: Regenerated based on current
doc/ doc/sane-logo.gif doc/sane-logo.png doc/sane.gif
doc/sane.png: Convert .gif to .png.
* backend/canon.c backend/snapscan-sources.c: Port to HP/UX. Stop
using GCC specific features.
2000-02-05 Rene Rebe <>
* backedn/avision.? only minor updates and the new home-page
url ...
2000-02-05 Abel Deuring <>
* fixed wrong buffer size handling for old Linux SG drivers
in sanei_scsi.c
* updated How to change the buffer size,
if the new Linux SG driver is being used.
* fixed a type on sharp.c
2000-02-03 Karl Heinz Kremer <>
* backend/epson.[ch] Reworked the gamma correction stuff
2000-02-02 Karl Heinz Kremer <>
* backend/epson.[ch] Finally put the USB fix into the CVS
version. Removed version number from epson.h so that this
file does not need to be updated everytime epson.c changes.
2000-02-01 Karl Heinz Kremer <>
* backend/epson.[ch] More changes in the attach function to
recognize USB scanners again.
* doc/ More updates to the man page.
2000-01-29 Oliver Rauch <Oliver.Rauch@Wolfsburg.DE>
* updated umax backend to version 1.0-build-16
for details take a look at backend/umax.CHANGES
2000-01-31 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* backend/hp-accessor.c backend/hp-accessor.h backend/hp-device.c
backend/hp-device.h backend/hp-handle.c backend/hp-hpmem.c
backend/hp-option.c backend/hp-option.h backend/hp-scl.c
backend/hp-scl.h backend/hp-scsi.h backend/hp.TODO backend/hp.c
backend/hp.desc doc/ Updated to v0.85 from Peter
2000-01-30 Chris Pinkham <>
* backend/artec.c backend/artec.h: (v0.5.9) changes to get lineart
and halftone modes working on AT12 and AM12S models. bugfixes to
eliminate hanging on some AT12 models.
* backend/artec.desc: version and model status updates
2000-01-30 Oliver Rauch <Oliver.Rauch@Wolfsburg.DE>
* corrected missing "/" in include/sane/ line 251
2000-01-30 Rene Rebe <>
* backend/avision.c fixed to compile on HP/UX
* backend/avision.desc fixed typo
* AUTHORS changed my eMail address
2000-01-30 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* backend/dll.c backend/dll.aliases doc/ Aliased and
hidden backend patch from Ingo Wilken.
* config.sub include/sane/ sanei/sanei_scsi.c:
UnixWare 2.x and UnixWare 7 port by Wolfgang Rapp.
2000-01-29 Karl Heinz Kremer <>
* backend/epson.[ch] Moved gamma "stuff" from advanced to standard
options section to fix core dump in xscanimage
Removed pragma pack() to make it easier to compile on non-gcc
2000-01-29 Oliver Rauch <Oliver.Rauch@Wolfsburg.DE>
* preview (xscanimage): added GDK_INPUT_EXCEPTION to gdk_input_add
* updated umax-backend to build 15 (for more see umax.CHANGES
* xscanimage: added GDK_INPUT_EXCEPTION to gdk_input_add
2000-01-26 Karl Heinz Kremer <>
* backend/epson.[ch] Bugfix for resolution selection via menu
Fixed coredump when no scanner found
merged Christian Bucher's newest version
* AUTHORS ChangeLog
2000-01-26 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* backend/m3096g-scsi.h backend/m3096g.c backend/m3096g.desc
backend/m3096g.h backend/sp15c-scsi.h backend/sp15c.c
backend/sp15c.desc backend/sp15c.h: Updated backends sp15c
(v1.12) and m3096g (v1.11) from Randolph Bentson.
2000-01-25 Chris Pinkham <>
* backend/artec.h backend/artec.c backend/artec.desc
installed new version (0.5.6) of artec backend with support
for Artec AM12S and Plustek 19200S models and numerous bugfixes.
* doc/
updated manpage to reflect new list of supported models and
backend status.
2000-01-25 Abel Deuring <>
* frontend/scanimage.c: minor modifications to the new batch mode
If an error occurs in batch mode, the corresponding output file
is now deleted. (Should make post-processing easier, because
otherwise we would have an empty output file every time the
ADF is empty or paper is jammed.)
2000-01-25 Kazuya Fukuda <> and
Abel Deuring <>
* backend/sharp.c: Fix of possible segfault in sane_init
* backend/sharp.conf: contains now a complete sample configuration
2000-01-25 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* frontend/scanimage.c: Return SANE_STATUS_NO_MEM if advance()
failes. Add return value to test_it().
* include/sane/sanei_debug.h: Add fflush() after fprintf() in
DBG macro.
* AUTHORS backend/ backend/m3096g.h backend/m3096g.c
backend/m3096g-scsi.h backend/m3096g.desc backend/m3096g.conf
backend/sp15c.h backend/sp15c.c backend/sp15c-scsi.h
backend/sp15c.conf backend/sp15c.desc backend/dll.conf
doc/ doc/ Added backends sp15c (v1.11)
and m3096g (v1.10).
All patches from Randolph Bentson.
2000-01-24 Abel Deuring <>
* backend/sharp.c, backend/sharp.h: update to version 0.30
(sorry, forgot to make this note some days earlier)
2000-01-24 Oliver Rauch <Oliver.Rauch@Wolfsburg.DE>
* Added test for libcam to
it is needed by FreeBSD 3+
2000-01-21 Rene Rebe: <>
* ChangeLog: updated (oversaw last time, sorry)
* backend/avision.c: fixed some compiling warnings
2000-01-21 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* sanei/sanei_scsi.c: Bugfix: Added return type for dummy
sanei_scsi_open_extended() call. Bugreport for Solaris from
Martin Spott.
2000-01-20 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* sanei/sanei_ab306.c: Removed compiler warnings.
* frontend/scanimage.c: Adds a "batch mode" to the software, that
can be used in conjunction with an ADF device, so that one can
e.g. scan a complete document consting of multiple pages with just
one call to scanimage. This modification was created by Christian
Bucher so that his Epson scanner could use the ADF. Patch from
Karl Heinz Kremer.
2000-01-19 Rene Rebe <>
* backend/avision.*: added - the (very) basic avision backend
* backend/ updated for the avision backend
* AUTHORS: updated
2000-01-18 Karl Heinz Kremer <>
* fixed typo in epson.desc and fixed the dates for
two of my earlier submissions in ChangeLog file
2000-01-16 Karl Heinz Kremer <>
* backend/epson.desc updated with URL
* backend/epson.c added support for Expression family
of scanners
* doc/ updated
2000-01-10 Karl Heinz Kremer <>
* backend/epson.desc fixed/updated. Now shows a link to
the alternative FilmScan 200 backend.
2000-01-09 Karl Heinz Kremer <>
* backend/epson.* updated. This is a new backend still based
on the origial Sane 1.0.1 version, but with lots of work
done: Support for ADF/TPU, more function levels (up to B9
and initial work for F5), parallel scanner support and initial
support for USB scanners (don't use this yet, it still needs
a lot of work to be functional and usable).
2000-01-05 Oliver Rauch <Oliver.Rauch@Wolfsburg.DE>
* backend/umax* updated to backend version 1.0 build 14
for detailled info take a look at umax.CHANGES
2000-01-05 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* sanei/sanei_scsi.c include/sane/sanei_scsi.h
linux_sg3_err.h: Updated Linux SCSI Generic (SG) driver as
- new handling of sanei_scsi_max_request_size, if an SG
driver >= 2 is installed;
- SCSI command queueing on SG level for SG drivers >= 2.1.35;
- usage of the new interface in SG version 3, if available
- new configure option --enable-scsibuffersize=N
Patch from Abel Deuring <>.
2000-01-02 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* tools/ tools/ New script
sane-config to help frontend developers find the sane libraries.
1999-12-29 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* Add gcc options '-W -Wall -Wpointer-arith
-Wcast-qual' to at least get warnings on illegal C code which
would fail to compile on HP/UX native compiler.
1999-12-20 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* include/sane/ backend/dc25.desc backend/dc25.c:
Updated DC-25 backend to v1.2 from Peter Fales
- Updated dc25.desc
- Retry capability for missing data or bad checksums in the data
from the camera. This has resulted in a dramatic reduction in
download failures.
- Include HAVE_CFMAKERAW in and dc25.c.
* backend/dc210.c: Corrected HAVE_cfmakeraw to HAVE_CFMAKERAW.
* frontend/xscanimage.c: Change GIMP_EXTENSION to
SANE_GIMP_EXTENSION to avoid name conflict with gimp. Patch from
Stanislav Brabec <>.
1999-12-12 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* backend/ricoh.h backend/ricoh.c: Add support for Ricoh IS50
scanner. Limit IS50 resolution to 400 dpi. Reverse IS50 contrast
direction. Patch from Dick Streefland
* backend/microtek.c backend/microtek.h backend/microtek.conf
backend/microtek.desc doc/ Updated Microtek
backend to v0.11.0 from Matthew Marjanovic <>.
* backend/microtek2.c backend/microtek2.h: Updated Microtek2
backend to v0.8 from Bernd Schroeder <>.
1999-11-20 Oliver Rauch <Oliver.Rauch@Wolfsburg.DE>
changed variable soname from "libsane-backendname.*"
to "libsane.*" by sed command.
changed again the sed command, forgot to remove "0-9"
1999-11-14 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* backend/artec.c backend/artec.h backend/artec.desc
doc/sane-artec.5 doc/ Updated Artec backend to v0.5
from Chris Pinkham <>.
1999-11-11 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* backend/microtek2.c backend/microtek2.h backend/microtek2.desc:
Updated Microtek2 backend to vpre0.8.161099 from Bernd Schroeder
* backend/canon-* NEWS doc/canon.*: Updated Canon backend to
v991108 from Manuel Panea <>.
1999-09-14 Oliver Rauch <Oliver.Rauch@Wolfsburg.DE>
* removed sane-umax-*.gif and umaxlogo.gif,
the files were replaced by jpg format.
1999-09-13 Oliver Rauch <Oliver.Rauch@Wolfsburg.DE>
* backend/umax* and doc/sane-umax* updated to version 1.0-build-12
for detailled info take a look at umax.CHANGES
1999-09-12 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* include/sane/ Add missing HAVE_SYS_SOCKET_H.
* backend/hp-handle.c backend/hp-option.c backend/hp-option.h
backend/hp-scl.c backend/hp-scl.h backend/hp-scsi.h backend/hp.c
backend/hp.desc backend/hp.h doc/ Updated backend to
v0.83 from Peter Kirchgessner <>. News:
- Reset scanner before downloading parameters (fixes problem with
sleep mode of scanner)
- Fix problem with coredump if non-scanner HP SCSI devices are
connected (CDR)
- Option scan-from-adf replaced by scantype
normal/adf/xpa. Transparency adapter scans (XPA) allow scanning
with internal light source switched off.
- PhotoScanner: Allow scanning of slides/negatives only at
multiple of 300 dpi. This fixes problem with preview which
scanned at arbitrary resolutions.
- (by Marian Szebenyi): close pipe (coredump on Digital UNIX)
* backend/ Correct install target to also work on
platforms where dll endings isn't .so (like HP/UX). Extract
endings from
1999-09-07 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* tools/find-scanner.c: Checks (Linux only so far) for SCSI
Generic support in the OS kernel. If NOT present it tells the user
they may need SG drivers. Patch from Nick Lamb
* sanei/sanei_scsi.c [sanei_scsi_cmd sanei_scsi_open]: Digital
UNIX 4.0D patches from Marian Szebenyi <>.
1999-08-16 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* Turn on more gcc warnings.
* acinclude.m4 Separate GTK_LIBS into LIBS and
LDFLAGS to get the X programs to link on HP/UX.
1999-08-12 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* aclocal.m4 configure: Generate configure and
aclocal.m4 with autoconf 2.13. Adding AC_PROG_LD, trying to get
this compiling on CygWin32. Add AM_PROG_CC_STDC to get it to
compile out of the box on HP/UX.
* lib/dll.c: Use calloc() instead of malloc() and memset(). Use
dlerror() instead of strerror() when dlopen fails
(bugfix from Ingo Wilkens).
1999-08-11 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* config.guess config.sub: Updated to latest versions from FSF.
Better support for BeOS, WinNT and others.
1999-08-09 Petter Reinholdtsen <>
* Started CVS branch DEVEL_1_9.
* install-sh ltconfig mkinstalldirs: Updated from
automake 1.4 and libtool 1.3.3.
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