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Last update: 2006-01-05
- Avoiding damage on flatbed scanners
Most flatbed scanners have no protection against exceeding the physical scan
area height. That is, if a scan is attempted with a height that exceeds the
height of the scan surface, the scanner begins making loud noises and the
scan mechanism may be damaged. Thus, if you hear such a noise, IMMEDIATELY
turn off the scanner.
Normally, the backend will ensure that the maximum scan height is not
exceeded. However, if your scanner model has not been tested yet this
safety-guard may not work. Please report errors like this to the author of
the backend or the sane-devel mailing list.
- Security problems with saned (SANE network scanning daemon)
saned is not intended to be exposed to the internet or other non-trusted
networks. Make sure that access is limited by tcpwrappers and/or a firewall
setup. Don't depend only on saned's own authentification. Don't run saned
as root if it's not necessary. And do not install saned as setuid root.
Read man saned(8) for details.
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