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SANE on Cygwin/Win32
To be able to compile sane-backends, you need to have Cygwin installed,
with at least the following package(s):
- gcc
You can get Cygwin at
The scanner must be detected by Windows and not be disabled. Check
with the hardware manager.
See general README for build basics. The autoconf script (configure) checks
for C++ compilers and misdetects CC (=cc = gcc) a a c++ compiler because of
the case-insensitive filesystem. If that happens, one work-around will be to
install a real C++ compiler.
If you have more than one scanner, you should do the following:
- run sane-find-scanner to get the device name of the scanner. The
name is something like h0b0t6l0, meaning hba 0, bus 0, scsi id 6 and
lun 0.
- edit the config file for the backend
(/usr/local/etc/sane.d/xxxx.conf) and add the scanner device name on
an empty line.
Run "scanimage > out.pnm" to get a scan.
xscanimage and XSane also work. xscanimage compiles and runs out of
the box. XSane 0.92 needs a couple build fixes.
- Only SCSI and USB (with libusb-win32) scanners may work. No
FireWire/Parallel. The Cygwin libusb port is at
- Tested on Windows 2000 only. Should work on Windows NT/XP too;
may or may not work on Windows 95/98/ME.
- Some scanners' backend may not work because of requirement not
supported by Cygwin.
Frank Zago.
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