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Kalei - Style guide

This project aims at making sure your style sheets are fully documented whilst being synchronized with your webpages styles. To do this it actually uses your live stylesheets in so that at anytime you can review how your styleguide looks.

Github Repository

Goals and benefits

  • Fully documented CSS - No need to explain the benefits
  • No dependencies, simply download the repository and run in your browser
  • Automatic generation of demo UI components
  • Easy access for anyone, designer, developer, manager and users
  • Rapid development of projects by allowing developers to find the correct CSS and HTML for any given UI component
  • Include Disqus to allow each style sheet to have it's own comment thread, allowing collaboration
  • Open sourced so that all great ideas can be included

Getting started

  1. Download the repository (git clone git://github.com/thomasdavis/kalei.git)
  2. Serve it on a HTTP server and it should work!
  3. Edit js/config.js to point at your own styles.css


Thomas Davis

Need more contributors to give it a nicer style and more functionality