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% (c) 2002 Matthew Boedicker <> (original author)
% (c) 2003-2007 David J. Grant <>
% (c) 2008 Nathaniel Johnston <>
% (c) 2011 Scott Clark <>
% (c) 2012 Andrew Solomon <>
%This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 543 Howard Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.
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\textbf{\Large Andrew Solomon} & \textbf{\today} \\
Life-time Student & \\
Atlanta, GA & / 678-613-5631\\
\ressubheading{Albany State University}{Albany, GA}{B.Sc. Computer Science}{2005 - 2010}
\resitem{Department of Math and Computer Science (Research Assistant, 4 years)}
\resitem{Emphasis on machine learning/data mining and algorithm design/software development related to bioinformatics and IT security}
\resitem{Graduated with minors in Business and Mathematics}
\item {\bf Javascript (intermediate):} Development (jQuery, Backbone, Express, Geddy, jQuery Mobile), Testing/Configuration (Jasmine, Require)
\item {\bf Ruby (beginner):} Development (Rails, Sinatra, Jekyll), Testing/Configuration (Rspec, Cucumber, Bundler)
\item {\bf PHP (beginner):} Development (Codeigniter, Wordpress)
\item {\bf HTML/CSS (advanced):} Development (Haml, Jade, Sass, Less, Canvas, WebSockets), Testing/Configuration (Compass)
\item {\bf Unix:} Systems (Ubuntu, CentOS, Mac), Tools (Git, Vim, Tmux, ZSH)
\item Discovering and implementing new ideas. Give me an API and a problem and I will figure it out.
\item Diverse background in Math, Computer Science, and Biology allows me to communicate to a wide scientific and general audience and begin contributing to any group immediately.
\item I have worked in many places in a myriad of fields. I can readily learn and adapt to a new discipline, area or environment and start pushing real results quickly.
\resheading{Research and Work Experience}
\ressubheading{The Monticello Corporation}{Atlanta, GA}{Senior Software Development}{2010-Current Position}
\resitem{Developed and maintained commercial SAAS software in \texttt{PHP} and \texttt{Javascript}}
\resitem{Implemented and designed 3rd party API functionality to allow users to freely interact with Google Docs API}
\ressubheading{Blackbox Network Services}{Fitzgerald, GA}{Computer Data Technician}{2010}
\resitem{Setup, configured, and maintained Wal-Mart's complex LAN and WLAN implementation. Gained experience setting up and maintaing Cisco routers and swithces, along with VLAN and Voice-Over-IP solutions}
\resitem{Made key schematically design routines for proper planning and installinton of wired and wireless systems}
\ressubheading{Albany State University}{Albany, GA}{Researcher in Information Assurance program under Dr. Robert Owor}{Summer 2009}
\resitem{Wrote \textbf{open source} web application in \texttt{PHP} and \texttt{Javascript} allowing students to explore research options in Information Assurance}
\resitem{Contributed in setting up information security workshops with Alabama A and M, Auburn University, Albany Tech, and Darton College}
\ressubheading{Albany State University}{Albany, GA}{Research Assistant in Perl for Bioinformatics under Dr. Khalil Dajani}{2006-2008}
\resitem{Developed minor \textbf{open source} desktop utility in \texttt{Perl}, used to analyze DNA sequencing of any being}
\resitem{Gained programming experience in \texttt{Perl} and \texttt{Ruby} working with software packages like BioPerl and BioRuby}
\ressubheading{KaKo Industries}{Roswell, GA}{Data Technician}{2005-2007}
\resitem{Worked with a small team prewiring CAT5, coaxial, and home security and speaker wires. Installed systems from small business to major residential outfits}
\item {\bf Hobbies:} Poker, Swimming, Running, Video Games, Building things (physical and/or digital) and watching movie documentaries.
\item {\bf Why Industry over Academia?} I love exploring new problems on the forefront of research, but academia moves too slowly and bureaucratically for me. I enjoy working in a fast-paced environment pushing measurable results to clients on a daily timescale, using the skills that I have honed throughout my academic career.
\item {\bf My Ideal Position:} Working with a fun team solving interesting problems. I enjoy every part of development, from deep backend optimization to client-facing applications and interaction. I would love to make a difference wherever and however I am able while leveraging my machine learning, data mining and mathematical background.