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🎮 An implementation of Tetris in C++ using GLFW. I wrote this as a way of learning C++. It makes use of the GLFW library and CMake to build the project.
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Lana Tetris Build Status

An implementation of Tetris in C++. I wrote this as a way of learning C++ and basic game development. It makes use of the GLFW library and CMake to build the project.


## Quick Start

Clone the project:

git clone --recursive && cd lana-tetris  

Run the following commands to generate the makefile and build:


This will create the lana-snake executable in the project directory.

Generating project files for your IDE

Run the following command to generate the project files for your IDE:

cmake . -G {ide_name}

For more information on CMake's project generators and a full list of supported platforms and IDEs, see the documentation.


Lana Tetris Gameplay


  • A : Rotate Left
  • S : Rotate Right
  • Left : Move Left
  • Right : Move Right
  • Down : Downward Acceleration
  • Space : Pause

Debug Controls

Gameplay Controls

  • Q : Regular Mode
  • W : Frozen Mode
  • E : Infinity Mode
    • : Slow Down
  • = : Speed Up

Tetromino Switching

  • 1 : I Tetromino
  • 2 : O Tetromino
  • 3 : T Tetromino
  • 4 : J Tetromino
  • 5 : L Tetromino
  • 6 : S Tetromino
  • 7 : Z Tetromino
  • 8 : Debug Tetromino


This software is written purely for academic purposes as an exercise in learning C++ and game development. Tetris is a registered trademark and copyright of Tetris Holding.

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