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Andy's Workshop Graphics CoProcessor

This project contains the Arduino library and STM32 firmware for my graphics coprocessor project.

Graphics Coprocessor

Project documentation

Click here to go to my website to read the full project documentation.

Arduino library

It's in the arduino folder in the file. Here's a guide to installing Arduino libraries. Personally I just extract the zip file into the Arduino IDE's libraries folder.

If you should make any modifications to the library or the examples then you can run the script to rebuild the archive. is a shell script so you'll need to be running Linux or Cygwin on Windows.

STM32 firmware

It's in the stm32 folder. If you're just looking for something to flash then take a look in the hex folder. You'll find both the standard and overclocked versions of the firmware ready and waiting for you to flash to the STM32.

If you make any changes to the library then you'll need to rebuild it using the scons build system. The project documentation over at my website goes into this in a little more detail. Note that there is a dependency on my stm32plus library so make sure you've cloned and installed stm32plus before you attempt to build the awcopper firmware.

PC software

It's in the pc folder. There's just one utility included with this library, UploadToFlash is the C# application that allows you to send graphics files to the SPI flash IC on the board. If you're just looking for the executable program then you'll find it in the exe folder.

Other software

If you're looking for the bm2rgbi image converter that was mentioned in the main project writeup then you'll find it in the stm32plus library project.

API documentation

If you're going to use the Arduino library then you'll need the API documentation. It's right here on github, take a look at the markdown file.